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Tiscali invent 256kbps package at £19.99?
Friday 04 October 2002 13:48:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Tiscali has started a special offer of £19.99 a month for a 256kbps service. This offer runs until 31st October and has the usual things of £50 connection fee and a twelve month contract. Hardware wise users do have a choice of what they use, but an Alcatel USB ADSL modem package is available at £65.

What is strange is that the service appears to be based around the normal BT IP Stream Home 500 service, but the Tiscali website lists it as 5 times faster than dialup at 256kbps. Is Tiscali limiting the download speed for users on this service - or is it another case of poor proof reading on an ISPs website.


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