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Week 13 - Time and Registrations march on
Sunday 29 September 2002 12:34:00 by Andrew Ferguson

After a gap of one week, we bring you a summary of the top 10 exchanges again. Rather than include those that have triggered already, the list includes the top 10 non-triggered exchanges.

A curious week, for a day or so no data appeared to come through, then there was a flood. We saw some exchanges jump large amounts of registrations, and some others have steady rises on the ISP database side, but the public side stalled. A gentle prod in the direction of BT has, in a couple of cases, got registrations flowing again. This stalling of the data flow may explain why some exchanges seem to jump 50 or 100 registrations overnight occassionally.

St Budeaux appears to have been accepted as 'triggered' by BT, and should be collecting advance orders now. The debate of whether registrations for exchanges are true or false will rage on. All that we can be certain of is that Todmorden's 42 days of advance order collection ends on October 22nd and shortly after then we will know whether the exchange is destined to be on the build list or not.

It appears very likely that Kesgrave (the home of BTexact in Martlesham, Suffolk, BTs R&D Division) and Merthyr Tydfil will hit the magic 100% this week. Inverness Culloden and Maesteg may make it to.

Rank Exchange Name Registrations Trigger Last Change
1 Kesgrave 335 (95%) 350 Sunday 29 September 2002
2 Merthyr Tydfil 236 (94%) 250 Saturday 28 September 2002
3 Inverness Culloden 183 (91%) 200 Saturday 28 September 2002
4 Maesteg 360 (90%) 400 Saturday 28 September 2002
5 Leek 177 (88%) 200 Sunday 29 September 2002
6 Twyford 176 (88%) 200 Saturday 28 September 2002
7 Bishops Waltham 174 (87%) 200 Sunday 29 September 2002
8 Paddock Wood 169 (84%) 200 Saturday 28 September 2002
9 Bradford-On-Avon 339 (84%) 400 Saturday 28 September 2002
10 Alton 293 (83%) 350 Saturday 28 September 2002


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