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Bright and sunny day for Irby
Tuesday 24 September 2002 09:18:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Irby has gained the distinction of the fifth exchange to reach its trigger registration level of 400.

Well done to the campaigners of Irby. It is now a case of waiting for the ISPs to contact the various registrants and confirm that they would like to order ADSL. With a prevailing wind, reaching the critical 300 advance orders should happen in the required 6 weeks.

It would appear that the hard work of the campaign team has a lot to do with this good news.

Update: With the Wrexham North news it is worth adding the following quote from Rebecca Webster of BT Wholesale, "Irby - there has been alot of local activity going on by some very committed campaigners and the registrations seems to be valid". Rebecca also goes onto say that BT Wholesale has received 103,000 registrations so far as well, across all the non-enabled exchanges.


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