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Pipexwoe or Pipexwow?
Wednesday 28 August 2002 00:58:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

From the creators of BTopenwoe, a new sister website "Pipexwoe" has been launched. The web site is intended for Pipex users to express their concerns and tales of excellent service on their broadband connection.

Vince, the founder of the site says that at the moment, the situation is "around 2 wows for every woe", suggesting that most Pipex users are more than happy with the service. "Most of the concerns are due to delays in resolving problems when they do happen, frustrating customers who get stuck in customer support queues" he added.

This begs the question:  Should the site be renamed "Pipexwow"? David Rickards (MD Pipex), told TheRegister he's "extremely happy" with the broadband business and expressed a positive view of the new site. [seb]


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