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BT Retail starts the promotion bandwagon
Wednesday 21 August 2002 09:08:00 by Andrew Ferguson

It would appear that BT Retail is going all out for the same sort of market that BT Openworld and Freeserve chase. They have just started a half price activation offer, £30.00 (inc VAT) rather than the standard £60. To qualify you need to order by September 20th 2002 and have the service installed by November 1st 2002.

Interestingly unlike the Freeserve and BT Openworld promotions that require you to buy the modem pack from the company for around £85 - the BT Retail offer follows their normal stance of letting you buy your own modem.

The coming months are likely to prove interesting as we will see how BT Openworld is going to reposition itself or will BT just allow the ISP to slowly contract its home ADSL user base and concentrate on the business sector.


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