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New offers on TalkTalk TV Plus packages
Monday 06 March 2017 10:39:20 by Andrew Ferguson

TalkTalk has made its TV Plus packages more attractive by removing the setup fees, which on the FTTC (fibre) version without any offers is usually £100. The new free setup and reduced monthly price offer is based around a 12 month contract and the offer ends on 16th March 2017.

The Freeview PVR allows you to record, rewind and pause TV, plus you also gain access to six Sky TV channels via IPTV plus the option of adding TV boosts on a month by month basis for other content such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.


Posted by dgauss about 1 month ago
It is not news. It is promotion. I hoped this is testing and information site not a place for the providers to self- promote. People will find the good ones do not worry.
Quotes form my "package details"
"Your estimated download Speed will be between 13.08 Mb and 25.80 Mb

Your estimated upload Speed will be between 2.00 Mb and 1.21 Mb

We guarantee a minimum speed of at least 8.80 Mb"
Posted by dgauss about 1 month ago
"Because value matters. Our customers get more that's a promise." promises the #TalkTalk ad and that would be more of what, exactly?
Just to make it funny let us examine the deal.
I have 38/ 2 Mbps service which never reaches 25 Mbps. I can not stream 4k, if 3 people are watching the HD video it will be lagging.
Posted by dgauss about 1 month ago
FOR THE GAMERS my average ping is 86 ms ( it makes the shooters almost unplayable.
THANK YOU #TalkTalk for yours service.
I do not want to think how is your VOD TV doing.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 month ago
@dgauss Sorry you feel that way, highlighting some of offer changes is hopefully useful to people, obviously not everyone.

On your speeds it sounds like the distance of the VDSL2 part of the line is the limit to down/up speeds and reads like this was communicated as part of the sales process.
Posted by dgauss about 1 month ago
I am sorry also, if you are not connected to Talktalk. I misjudged the source of the information, also, I might have not understood what is the purpose of the website.
Should ISP be not held to its own promises? There is no value if there is no performance.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 month ago
We are not connected to any broadband provider.

As for the promise, the up to 38 Mbps is the advertised speed, and you get a personal estimate when you make your enquiry/order and it seems this in your case is included in your customer portal too.

Advertising rules may change soon, and if you look back a few articles we give average speeds for the various providers, but of course those are just averages and not right for everyone.
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 month ago
Why are people getting eat up about this being posted, it is information so people know the offers that are available. i think it is great that Think broadband do this, not that I would touch Talk Talk.
Posted by burble about 1 month ago
So dgauss, do you get the speed TT promised?
I am now within the speed TT promised me, i.e. I get just over 4mb, I could swap to Sky or BT, but not worth the effort as they cannot provide any better, in fact originaly I left bt and got double the speed with TT
Posted by dgauss about 1 month ago
:) technically, yes. I included above the specifics of "the promise". It's 8 Mbps minimum. I ,just, checked the BT offer and they guarantee 20 Mbps. I am no BT lover but there is more value to their service.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 month ago
The guarantees are not a they will fix it to that speed, but if it falls below they will let you exist contract stage left - so in cases where a line is performing poorly you can be left changing provider eternally on some lines.
Posted by Frankp about 1 month ago
I use Talktalk and I have good deal for what me and my family need. Not on fibre, I get 14mb with 35ms latency all day, every day with is OK for us...I am not employed at Talktalk....
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