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Peak gift and reward season over at BT on broadband and mobile
Friday 24 February 2017 10:49:40 by Andrew Ferguson

Broadband offers ebb and flow and for those looking to switch and make the most of rewards the next week looks a good time to switch.

BT Consumer has brought back the iTunes or Amazon gift card choices on is SIM only deals with values of £20, £40, £70 and £90 depending on the SIM deal you take, for existing BT broadband customers they start at £5/m for the 500 MB data, 400 minutes of calls and unlimited text SIM through to the 20GB data with unlimited calls and texts for £20/m (those not with BT already pay an extra £5/m). The 20GB package is apparently set to revert to its standard 15GB size after 1st March and all the SIM Only deals carry a 12 month contract.

For those after fixed line broadband, the unlimited packages are actually cheaper than the ones with usage limits and the reward cards are at a peak value of £100 for ADSL2+ services and £150 for the FTTC and FTTP products. So unlimited ADSL2+ is £23.99/m for the 12 month contract period (£9.99 setup fee) and Unlimited Infinity 1 (up to 52 Mbps download, up to 9.5 Mbps upload) is £28.99/m for 12 months and a £59.99 setup fee.

This round of mobile and broadband deals all end on 1st March 2017.

The BT packages are more expensive after the 12 month contract ends (ADSL2+ is £40.99/m and Unlimited Infinity 1 is £47.49/m), but in a market where switching is encouraged the trick is to either switch at the end of the minimum term or agree another fixed contract period in return for a better than standard pricing deal.


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