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Plusnet drops activation fee for Valentines Day
Tuesday 14 February 2017 10:30:36 by Andrew Ferguson

Update 15th February 2017 PlusNet has released its next set of prices with a £10 activation fee on ADSL2+ and £25 on the fibre based services. Contract lengths have reduced to 12 months. ADSL2+ from £20/m, VDSL2 up to 38 Mbps down (up to 1.9 Mbps up) from £25/m and VDSL2 up to 76 Mbps down (up to 19 Mbps up) from £30/m. This round of pricing is set to end on 28th February 2017.

Thinking of ordering Plusnet ADSL2+ or fibre, then today may be the day to order, as current offers end today and £10 and £25 activation fees (including router delivery) are coming on the ADSL2+ and fibre based services respectively on 15th February.

The Unlimited Fibre and Phone package is currently from £27.50 per month for the 18 month contract term and there is £50 cashback to be claimed if you order today (14th February 2017) and no set-up fee. Price is higher outside the low cost areas, Plusnet checker will confirm pricing. Fibre service is up to 38 Mbps download and up 1.9 Mbps upload speeds, with actual speeds dependant on distance to fibre cabinet, remember to make note of the estimated service speeds given during sign-up.

For those only able to get ADSL/ADSL2+ or are simply happy with that service, it is available from £20/m for 18 months and no activation fee.


Posted by pinkwhitebread 2 months ago
This is not correct >> £27.50 per month for the 18 month contract term and there is £50 cashback to be claimed if you order today (14th February 2017) and no set-up fee.

There asking for a setup fee of £49.99 when i try to sign up for that deal.
Posted by ZenUser27 2 months ago
It's also very brave of them (and anyone who takes the offer) due to all the fights that will ensue at a later date when they realise they have crap broadband.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 2 months ago
@pinkwhitebread Offer was based on what we were told and could see from the PlusNet website.

Was the £49.99 per chance for a new line rather than a migration?
Posted by ian72 2 months ago
Or was it for the working day - pinkwhitebread seems to have posted at about 11:30 last night so it may be that by then it had been taken back down?
Posted by MCM999 2 months ago
@ZenUser27 PN broadband is no worse than many others. For example the many posts on the Zen board regarding poor single thread download speeds. PN support may currently be poor but for the vast majority of their users their broadband is fine.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 2 months ago
Very rare to have an offer that leaves before midnight, sometimes providers pages are slow to update overnight or in the morning.
Posted by zyborg47 2 months ago
@ZenUser27, I have been with plusnet now for around 2 years and apart from the odd problem of slowing down, it have been fine, I doubt Zen is 100% perfect and you pay a lot more than I do. it is mice to be able to support smaller companies and I have done in the past, but sometimes price wins and for the price Plusnet is ok.
routers could be better mind you.
Posted by ZenUser27 2 months ago
I a not with Zen, old username Zen are evil
Posted by Fuerteman 2 months ago
I just received this information about the Valentine Day offer today in an email - 6 days after the event! What is the point of sending such out of date information out at all?
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