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BT Broadband reward cards are at peak value until 12th January
Saturday 07 January 2017 12:08:17 by Andrew Ferguson

All the broadband providers have an ebb and flow for their offers, and while the monthly prices over at BT Consumer may not be at their lowest point, the BT Reward Cards with values of £100 and £150 are at the highest point of their cycle and this ends on 12th January 2017.

While ADSL2+ may seem slow to those who have embraced the superfast revolution, there are those who do not have that option yet or just need a basic broadband connection and as BT Consumer charges the same price for broadband no matter where your exchange is in the UK the £24.99/m for ADSL2+ with a £100 BT Reward Card it will be especially attractive to those with no LLU options and a 12 month contract.

The Infinity FTTC/FTTP range gains a £150 BT Reward Card, so the entry level up to 52 Mbps Infinity 1 service is £29.99/m (including line rental) with a £59.99 one-off setup cost. After the 12 month minimum term the monthly price is £44.99.

As usual the BT Reward Card needs to be claimed once your service has gone live and will arrive in the form a prepaid MasterCard.


Posted by joe_pineapples 4 months ago
According to their own page, the Infinity 1 package is now £34.99pm
Posted by ribble 4 months ago
I see it as 29.99 for infinity 1 unlimited
Posted by daniel2000 4 months ago
i see adsl2 at £26.49 and infinity1 at £34.99 and a woping £55.99 setup fee
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 4 months ago
If you follow the link in the article you get the pricing we mentioned, those who go direct will see higher prices.

This is pretty common
Posted by daniel2000 4 months ago
we followed the link blank page http:///
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 4 months ago

Is the link in the news item and its working
Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
seems to be working fine
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