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2017 ISPA Awards registration is open
Wednesday 04 January 2017 11:58:06 by Andrew Ferguson

The 2017 ISPA Awards may not be awarded until July, but registration is underway and running until 27th January 2017 with all the categories and entry form at

"As ISPs continue to invest in networks and deliver great Internet services, I am pleased to launch the 2017 ISPAs. These awards celebrate the true breadth and diversity of the UK Internet industry, which plays a vital role for the UK economy and society. With technical testing and expert judges, these are the most independent awards in the sector and I look forward to seeing a record number of entries."

James Blessing, the Chair of ISPA

The ISPA Awards are free to enter, and initial registration will close on 27th January, with technical testing running during February and March. The full written entry forms must be submitted by end of 31st March, the technical testing is used in a number of categories to produce the shortlist which the judging panel will then pick a winner from.

There are some new categories this year, Best Rural Broadband, Best Wholesale ISP and Executive of the Year. The award ceremony will take place at the Café de Paris in London on 13th July 2017.


Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
just dont say giffgaff lol

speeds on 4G on giffgaff still around 0.1-1mb (but upload working at 15-20mb at same time) speedtest ,rootmetrics (especially rootmetrics) and opensignal is been white listed so reports higher speeds then you normally get using the phone (like installing apps and streaming video are around 200-500kbs in between 10am and near midnight)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 4 months ago
Is our speed test on that white list?
Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
As far as I can tell it's not been white listed (could do with having giffgaff as a selectable option you giffgaff results will be polluting your results as you can see from these for Speed test of the upload speed is typically way higher than the download speed you notice the burst speed at the first 2-3 seconds

But today they are running at around 1-2mb and slow upload
Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
Other issue is Giffgaff has a automated hidden ban limit around 12-15gb over past 30 days (does not reset when you get a new 30 day package) the £20 goodybag ban lasts 90 days (giffgaff does not state this hidden limit in the T&C)
Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
I post some tomorrow as I am getting unusually higher download speeds of 1-2mb (burst around mb) and around 2mb upload witch is low speeds (on 4g)

Might just be because it's a week end
Posted by leexgx 4 months ago
Burst speed around 7mb..
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