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Anchor cuts three fibre cables serving Jersey
Tuesday 29 November 2016 10:20:26 by Andrew Ferguson

The Internet may be resilient, but that resilience can often also mean a willingness to put up with the buffer symbol of doom. Residents and businesses whose traffic was reliant on JT in Jersey are experiencing a bad day as traffic is now routed via a single link to France after three fibre cables were severed in the English Channel by a ship that was dragging its anchor.

The break happened overnight and while teams have been dispatched to repair the fibre, this is going to be more complex than the usual sort of fibre splicing.

For business broadband users this is a salient reminder that your Internet access is often only one anchor or JCB digger away from disaster so having a backup solution in place that will allow you to continue working rather than haemorrhaging money is very important.


Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago

If they can run 3 cables to Jersey and give everyone 1Gbps if they wish, WHY can't they run cables to other parts of the UK and give them 1Gbps too?

Or am I just being silly in my thinking?
Posted by csutcliff 5 months ago
Quite silly thinking tbh, this is fibre backhaul, of which we have plenty here in the UK, you can order 10's of GB/s pretty much anywhere if you are willing to pay for it.

You're confusing (deliberately?) the backhaul and "Last Mile".
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
No my thinking was as you say - and quite silly as you also say.
Posted by WWWombat 5 months ago
JT have reached about 50% coverage of Jersey with their 1Gbps fibre - and that is indeed access network.

In that sense, they are rather like KCOM in Hull. In both cases, the reduced amount of competition probably helps.

In Jersey, competition comes from the Guernsey incumbent. In Guernsey, the roles are reversed.
Posted by mike41 5 months ago
According to some reports the same incident also severed a couple of electricity interconnectors from France. The Government which gleefully closed down our coal burning power stations may now have to pay for them to be recommissioned or face widespread blackouts at the coldest time of the year :(
Posted by WWWombat 5 months ago
The reports I read suggested that we've actually been exporting electricity to France since October.

It seems the French are doing safety checks on their nuclear stations, so are on reduced capacity, and taking our excess.

The upshot is that market prices for January have dropped, in expectation of there being surplus production in the UK until the cables get fixed (by Feb).
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