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Just £18/m for up to 50 Mbps Superfibre in Virgin Media sale
Friday 25 November 2016 14:00:10 by Andrew Ferguson

The headline offer from Virgin Media has to be that their entry level up to 50 Mbps Superfibre service (i.e. just broadband and no phone line) is available at £18/m for 12 months. After the 12 month minimum term the monthly price would be £32.25/m and there is a £14.99 setup fee.

All the Black Friday deals at Virgin Media expire on Monday 28th November, and if standalone broadband is your thing and 50 Mbps is not fast enough, the up to 100 Mbps service is on offer at £23/m, up to 200 Mbps at £31/m.

For those wanting a phone line too and not wanting to use VoIP services, the phone line and broadband bundles come with a free PURE Jongo T4 wireless speaker or you can opt for a £75 shopping voucher if your home is noisy enough already.

If you take a phone, broadband and cable TV service then the speaker offer bumps up to a PURE Jongo T6 wireless speaker or a £125 shopping voucher.

There is one other speaker offer today but its nothing to do with Virgin Media but might be influential in deciding whether to take the free speaker or voucher, the Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa voice service is on offer at 20% off, i.e. £119.99 rather than the usual £149.99 and gives you voice based access to your music, weather and news plus potential to control various home automation devices.


Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
How about they do a "get more than 3mbps in the evenings on any package we do" offer.

Would make a change!
Posted by Kebabselector 5 months ago
^^^ probably the main reason I have jumped at this offer. When I tried them for a few weeks I found the service poor - I doubt they've fixed much in the last two years.
Posted by Kebabselector 5 months ago
'Haven't' I should proof read before posting!!
Posted by joe_pineapples 5 months ago
@ZenUser27 Funny you should say that. Same figure my brother gets evenings & weekends on his '200meg' connection :/
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
I had it on 300 mate, I feel his pain :/
Posted by Kebabselector 5 months ago
Feeling less tempted the more I read
Posted by lissie 5 months ago
I literally *just* signed up to VM SuperFibre 50 at £27 per month. Activation was this past Wednesday (23rd).

Am I out of luck, or is there any way I can persuade them to let me have this offer?

I have no complaints about speed - I'm getting ~54Mbps even during the evening peak. I'm led to believe it varies wildly by area, though - I may not be in a very congested part of the world.
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
Short of calling and saying you want to cancel, not sure. they might give you a credit.

I see 200 is down to £31 a month and if it was any good around here I would consider it for a backup - but it's not
Posted by lissie 5 months ago
Thanks ZenUser27 - I'll give it a go and see what happens. £27 isn't a bad amount to be paying anyway for what seems to be a good service so far - I was paying £25 to another ISP for a 5-6Mbps ADSL service previously.

Speeds do seem to be a bit of a lottery with VM. I live in a relatively quiet suburb - it seems to be inner cities and in particular studenty areas that have issues with congestion. A relative had awful speeds in Manchester which miraculously fixed themselves at the end of the university term!
Posted by kevinv 5 months ago
Dont be tempted by their offers up to 200mb really does mean you will be lucky to get a 10th of that. I get 20mb on a 200mb package, as they cannot control contention.
Posted by leexgx 5 months ago
speed issues are a per street (well block of streets) just unfortunate you're on a cab virgin cant be bothered to add more cards or split it to fix the upload speeds in your area (it be upload that your having issues with, slow download is side effect of upload congestion) or there was a problem with your cable coming to the house
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