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Black Friday sale brings an extra £2/m off Plusnet ADSL2+
Wednesday 23 November 2016 13:51:20 by Andrew Ferguson

Another provider has pushed its Black Friday sale offer out the door and today it is unlimited ADSL2+ from PlusNet. The new offer is a monthly price of from £18/m in low cost areas for 18 months (18 month contract) and £50 cashback. This is £2/m cheaper than the previous offer, but an 18 month contract rather than a 12 month contract.

A £6.99 charge applies for delivery of the PlusNet router. For those outside the large low cost area the offer is £25.50/m for 18 months with the £50 cashback. Standard monthly price once outside the minimum term is currently £27.98/m and £35.48/m


Posted by Adam786 5 months ago
£18 18months for Adsl......move along nothing to see here, I rather go with skys offer £15 for 12month's plus cash back.
Posted by Kebabselector 5 months ago
Sky quoted me £106 for a new line installation - vs £49.99 from Plusnet. I think I know where I might end up!
Posted by Kebabselector 5 months ago
18 month contract is a bit poor though
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