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BT Consumer Black Friday sale offers
Tuesday 22 November 2016 17:05:35 by Andrew Ferguson

The next set of broadband offers for Black Friday sale week are out, running until the end of 28th November BT has a range of offers. We already knew due to a previous press release that unlimited ADSL2+ would be £22.99/m and unlimited Infinity 1 £27.99/m which is only £2/m less than previous offers, and negated by a drop in the BT Reward Card from £75 to 50 and £125 to £100 respectively.

The key savings seem to be on BT Infinity 2 which is down by £5/m to £44.99 per month for the 12 month contract, and if you buy some of the BT TV packages, e.g. BT Total Entertainment is down from £47.99/m to £40.99 when taken with unlimited BT Infinity 1.

The BT Mobile SIM only deals have also been refreshed, with the key offer being £2/off and 3GB rather than 2GB and a £40 gift card on the mid range service, so now £8/m for existing BT Broadband/Infinity customers and £13/m for non BT customers. The 15GB plan is down in price to £15 or £20/m (higher price for non BT customers) saving £5/m, plus an additional 5GB of data each month and a hefty £80 gift card.


Posted by dgmckenzie 5 months ago
I assume for new customers.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
Can always try retentions, but don't expect reward cards, in return for agreeing to a new contract better than standard price deals are possible - but not guaranteed.
Posted by brianhe 5 months ago
Still won't give as good price for adsl1 to existing customers as new ones can have infinity1, not that it is available to rural customers anyway.
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
Wait till price goes up - leave then come back as a new customer - I even did it so that they just turned my line back on again - got the reward card and cash back every time - boom! :)
Posted by Michael_Chare 5 months ago
Offer appears to be available at a Market 1 exchange, so much cheaper than Plusnet.
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
Well the £59,99 connection fee sucks - even when you run a migration through - so not not really cheaper
Posted by jimdeep 5 months ago
Ordering via Quidco gives a further £120 cashback (assuming BT pay it, which is by no means certain) on top of the £100 reward card for unlimited infinity 1. Bye bye Plusnet for me.
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