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NOW TV offers for new customers with up to 75% off
Monday 21 November 2016 13:50:34 by Andrew Ferguson

The killer app for having faster and better broadband is very often TV and film viewing, and for those that don't want a satellite dish, NOW TV offers a low cost way to get access to the most popular Sky TV channels.

With the latest Black Friday Sale offer starting with NOW TV is pretty cheap, and could be a great way to add more TV viewing options over the Christmas break. The offers for new NOW TV customers are:

  • 3 months of Entertainment for £5, normally £20.97
  • 2 months of Sky Cinema for £5, normally £19.98
  • 1 month of Sky Sports for £25, normally £33.99
  • NOW TV Box + 3 months Entertainment for £14.99, normally £24.99
  • NOW TV Box + 2 months Sky Cinema for £14.99, normally £24.99
  • NOW TV Smart Box + 5 months Entertainment for £34.99, normally £69.99
  • NOW TV Smart Box + 4 months Sky Cinema for £34.99, normally £69.99

Existing customers might want to look at sites such as Amazon where you can often pick up NOW TV passes for less than the usual ongoing renewal cost.

A NOW TV box is not a requirement as the streams will play on a wide range of devices including mobiles, tablets and games consoles, but the standard NOW TV box adds other on demand channels and the Smart Box combines the free to air Freeview channels with the IPTV paid content and also allows you to pause and rewind live TV.


Posted by gsmlnx 5 months ago
Where is the saving here ? Was 14.99 still is 14.99!

"NOW TV Box + 2 months Sky Cinema for £14.99, normally £14.99"
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
That was a typo and just fixed
Posted by davidlovelock 5 months ago
The £5 for 3 months Entertainment does not work just says there is a problem, I think the offer has been withdrawn ?
Posted by ian72 5 months ago
For existing customers Currys do entertainment and movie passes cheaper than NowTV. 3 months entertainment pass at Currys is £15 rather than nearly £21 at NowTV.
For movies I used to find I could pay for one month and then every time it was up for renewal select cancel and would usually then get it offered to me at a much lower cost (never happened cancelling entertainment though).
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
OR £38 for 12 months of NowTV Entertainment in the form of 12 1 month vouchers :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
Have checked the link once again, and after it failing ~30 minutes ago it does appear to be working properly again. I've changed nothing so looks like the NOW TV side fixed something.
Posted by godsell4 5 months ago
@Zen where do you get one month vouchers for £3.17/month?
Posted by godsell4 5 months ago
OK, found them, I usually only search and buy 3 or 6 month passes.
Posted by bicbasher 5 months ago
@davidlovelock. The £5 Entertainment or Movies offer is for new customers only.

@ian72 I don't know where you've got your £21 figure from, the standard price for a 3 months Entertainment Pass has been £15 since launch. Now TV don't directly sell them online, but retailers stock them or you can get a printed pass code from GAME.

Cheaper passes are on sale from traders on a certain trading website which can work out much cheaper than the standard monthly sub or pass prices.
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