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Gigabit GEA-FTTP and 500 Mbps FTTP service announced by Openreach
Tuesday 08 November 2016 12:48:31 by Andrew Ferguson

Openreach had signalled that a Gigabit FTTP product was on the way, and as of 6th December a wholesale product will be available. At £80/m the wholesale cost will get you 1 Gigabit download and 220 Mbps upload speeds over the GPON FTTP network, for the more budget conscious there will be a 500 Mbps download, 165 Mbps upload option at £55/m.

We need to highlight that these products are only available where GEA-FTTP is available natively (around 327,000 of UK premises (1.1%) at this time, and the new pricing does not affect the FTTP on Demand services.

"We’re committed to taking the UK from being a superfast to an ultrafast nation, and whilst we’re extending the reach of our Fibre-to-the-Premises network, we’re also boosting the speed and variety of the services we can offer over it.

We’ve been working closely with our wholesale CP customers to develop these new ultrafast products, and we expect the new higher speed services will be of particular interest to small and medium businesses.

This is another example of how our mixed technology approach is getting the fastest possible speeds to the largest number of people in the shortest possible timeframe.” Dedicated ultrafast lines of up to 10Gbps – known as Ethernet - are already available from Openreach to companies throughout the UK, but back in June, the company committed to launch even faster speeds over FTTP which would offer businesses an alternative.

Clive Selley, Openreach CEO

The footprint for GEA-FTTP is set to grow significantly, with plans to double it in the next 12 months and reach 2 million premises by the end of 2020, and this should mean that Openreach is going to remain the largest FTTP operator in the UK. Virgin Media with their recent Project Lightning announcement should in theory roughly match them in 2020 and we are starting the process of making sure we try to track the relative size of the FTTP footprint from Virgin.

GEA-FTTP pricing with effect 6th December 2016
Wholesale product (Mbps) Connection Price (ex VAT) Monthly Rental (ex VAT)
40/2 £92 £15.29
40/10 £92 £15.79
40/15 £92 £18.34
55/10 £92 £16.79
80/20 £92 £18.34
100/15 £92 £21.29
110/10 £92 £21.54
100/30 £92 £44.75
220/20 £92 £24
330/20 £92 £33
330/30 £92 £38
500/165 £500
Discounted to £250 for 12 months
1000/220 £500
Discounted to £250 for 12 months

The table is showing the data product pricing, which is a pure fibre product, i.e. no need for copper line rental.

This pricing is the wholesale cost and does not include the costs of the GEA cablelink at the handover exchange, or the cost of getting this data from the exchange to the Internet which will vary depending on what backhaul network a provider uses.

The Openreach FTTP micro-site provides some idea for which business parks the service is heading to next, and our own availability tracker has a map layer dedicated to Openreach GEA-FTTP.


Posted by jumpmum 6 months ago
Is the 100/30 price correct? I would have expected it to be £24.75. Should the 110/10 actually be 110/15 ?

Good to see the new speeds suitable for businesses but definitely a niche market at present.
Posted by jumpmum 6 months ago
Found the price list now and your list reflects that for the 100/30 but it looks wrong at £6 more expensive than the 330/30!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
Double checked my maths and yes correct. Possibly it may have a different commit rate thus commanding a higher price.
Posted by cultavix 6 months ago
Oh wow, I just contacted BT this morning about 330/30, really glad to see their FTTP is moving fast and lucky me for buying a new house at the right time that comes with it! xD

Also, I currently pay £57 for 220/20 (VM Gaming)
Posted by rtho782 6 months ago
Excellent, perhaps this will push VM to increase beyond 330/21, the current rate I have on Homeworks.

Posted by Kebabselector 6 months ago
Speed crown smashed - now how about the rest of us.
Posted by gsmlnx 6 months ago
These new wholesale prices are potential worrying as currently Plusnet charge the same for FTTP as for FTTC but these wholesale prices are more than the Plusnet retail price.
Posted by leexgx 6 months ago
220/20 seems half the price of virgin offering

(think they are charging a lot more for upload as to why some of them look incorrectly priced)
Posted by leexgx 6 months ago

need docsis 3.1 first, then 1gb speeds are easy doable,, virgin will not offer faster speeds until openreach have real fiber that is going to the house or at least to the poles with G.Fast}

or VM FTTP with Fiber to docsis 3.1 ONT in house with the super hub 3, (as virgin does not go straight to ethernet on the FTTP ONT yet like Openreach does for broadband )
Posted by ValueforMoney 6 months ago
Good to see.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
The prices are the data prices, i.e. no copper needed.

Rather than the transition products, which exclude the cost of the copper line rental.

Will add a note to clarify.
Posted by comnut 6 months ago
well I cannot wait for someone to *ACTUALLY* get it, and see how quick it goes pete tong.... :P
meanwhile hyperoptic is spreading well :}
Posted by rtho782 6 months ago
@Leexgx, these are the wholesale prices, margins, backhaul, customer support, billing, etc are all costs to add on.

e.g. BT Infinity 3, which uses that "cheap" 220/20 product, is £63.99 a month, which is more than I pay for Homeworks 300.

Infinity 4, their 300mb service, is £70.99 a month.

And, VM Ireland manage 360mbit, so there is definitely some more to go before DOCSIS3.1 :)
Posted by snake007uk 6 months ago
This is annoying as hell. I called up Zen as I wanted FTTP. I even said ill pay the cost of getting the fibre run to my house (regardless of COST). They weren't interested. Whats happend to FTTPOD? is it dead again.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
FoD depends on where you live, alive and kicking in Wales, elsewhere less so. Spectrum Internet are the people to talk to, spotted what looked like a live FoD customer in Cardiff today.
Posted by comnut 6 months ago
for VM to 'get faster' it needs the faster rack modules put in, a very expensive job...

and next, as we found.. our old switch was rated 100baseT, so was trying to adjust the bandwidth product in the wrong way, giving awful results... :( :(

a replacement 1Gb 50 way switch is around £1000.. waiting for finance dept.. :/
Posted by fastman 6 months ago
snake find a neighbour and ask openreach via Ccmmunity fibre partnership -- if really regardless of cost !!!!!
Posted by Blackmamba 6 months ago
Hi Snake.
Just be cool and wait for the start off loading the FTTC customers as the demand picks up also check your post code for what is available in your area as there are many customers not taking up their options , this is due to ISP,s not informing their clients. I feel in the coming months there will be set post codes which will be open to fibre as fibre is extended outwards from the Cab fibre/nodes.
Posted by fastman 6 months ago
Blackmamaba not sure what you are on about but suggest your assessment is way off
Posted by snake007uk 6 months ago
Thanks guys, I live in Ilford, but my exchange (Goodmayes), currently only supports FTTC.

Trying to persuade my neighbours will be impossible, I would have more chance becoming prime minister.

Posted by AndrueC 6 months ago
@comnut: What about contention in VM's local loop? Presumably that must be some kind of issue. Each coax cable only has so much bandwidth and presumably splitting a coax and inserting a new node is expensive.
Posted by CarlThomas 6 months ago
'Posted by comnut about 15 hours ago
for VM to 'get faster' it needs the faster rack modules put in, a very expensive job... '

Faster rack modules? If you mean line cards the existing ones are already good to go in most areas.

They need more of them and some node splits though.
Posted by ZenUser27 6 months ago

" spotted what looked like a live FoD customer in Cardiff today."

DO you know what colour my pants are too? Creepy :/
Posted by comnut 6 months ago
'existing ones are already good to go' BUT they need more???

that is what I said!! :)
Posted by comnut 6 months ago
*looks* like trump is nice guy, too... that could be why they are having riots.... :(
Posted by 21again 6 months ago
It's time OR sorted out their 20CN exchanges and upgraded to 21CN so folk could get at least get ADSL2+ speeds, it's a joke paying high line rental costs for snail speeds.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
21CN WBC is BT Wholesale not Openreach
Posted by Blackmamba 6 months ago
Hi Fastman.
My remarks over the provision of FTTC/P has turned out to be correct in the areas off Wormley and Elstead and I did not have internal information over this work. If you have the position of the Cab in reference to the Exchange data and the last few post codes on the longest lines this will determine the costing to get as many customers above 15 meg.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
Yes around parts of Wormley and Elstead but not across Surrey as a whole, or the country as a whole.

As for costings, so many variables would need Openreach to share.
Posted by CarlThomas 6 months ago
Position of the cab is quite irrelevant to the costs for FTTP infill, the FTTP doesn't come from cabinets.

Openreach have no intention, outside of isolated BDUK builds, of deploying FTTP as FTTC overbuild nationwide.

With that in mind suggesting there's going to be any en masse offload of FTTC to FTTP is just wrong.

Those too far from cabinets to benefit from are getting nothing more until next decade let alone those at edges of FTTC coverage.
Posted by CarlThomas 6 months ago
LR-VDSL is the planned solution for those on the fringes of FTTC coverage. Far, far cheaper than blowing fibre and doing civils installs for a handful of premises.
Posted by gerarda 6 months ago
LR-VDSL increases the range of superfast speeds by about 1km at best so is not going to able to help everyone.
Posted by TheEulerID 6 months ago
For LR-VDSL for those 3-4km from the cabinet, don't think of Superfast. Think of the 10mbps USC.

Fof good or bad, the entire financial model favoured by Ofcom with local infrastructure competition precludes using excess profits in some parts of the county to cross-subsidise others.

Ofcom's policies, starting from their promotion of LLU, pretty well means minimal returns for infrastructure provision.
Posted by New_Londoner 6 months ago
It's very worrying that Ofcom does not appear to understand it has two mutually exclusive objectives. Lowest possible priced broadband makes it impossible to have a viable business case for a third network operator to provide FTTP to 40% of premises.

They have to choose one or the other, can achieve both simultaneously, no matter how appealing that would be politically.
Posted by New_Londoner 6 months ago
^^ * can't! *
Posted by WWWombat 6 months ago
If Ofcom was to change, it would have needed to be driven from government. There seems to be little chance of that at the moment...

More worrying is that the latest Minister for broadband doesn't understand the two different objectives either.

Ed Vaizey seemed to comprehend that rural areas needed a different model to make investment work, even though he hadn't made any policy changes. Unfortunately, Matt Hancock seems to be too wedded to the "competition solves everything" mantra.
Posted by WWWombat 6 months ago
Even worse, while Matt Hancock was championing the concept of "competition to the max", he simultaneously held up Hull as an example of how to get more FTTP out there.

Unfortunately, Hull is the best example of how a reduced-competition environment, an improved RoI environment, leads to more fibre.

Its also an example of how to do things slowly :(
Posted by fastman 6 months ago
not aware of any FTTP in wormley
Posted by Blackmamba 6 months ago
Hi Fast.
Wormley Exchange area was split between three Exchange so had long lines so fibre was used to hit these locations CAb 7 no FTTC fitted a few customer used gap funding. There was no ADSL+2 on Exchange there are still customer with low speeds but are in range of fibre( 300 M in other Exchange area ) which I would think will be payed for by Surrey OMR (clawback). TBB maps shows the situation and speeds.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
"but are in range of fibre( 300 M in other Exchange area )"

If its in another exchange area, then it could 50m or 50,000,000m its still another exchange area.

Deciphering what you actually mean is an art form.
Posted by Somerset 6 months ago
Sandhills has FTTP and Wormley has ADSL2+.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago

Easy to see too.
Posted by Somerset 6 months ago
Another BM thought based on life 40 years ago.
Posted by fastman 6 months ago
blackmamba there is no gap funding on Wormley 7 if that's the cab you mean (that is incorrect information) -- this stuff about clawback possibly/this year/ next year / sometine possibly
Posted by fastman 6 months ago
clawback will be spent at a county level to ensure Value for money (to coin a much overused phrase)
Posted by Blackmamba 5 months ago
Hi Somerset.
Yes you are correct it must have been 40 years plus when Cab 7 was provided at Wormley (Sandhills) this cab area is fibre BDUK all the way to the A3 covering many long lines. I have rechecked and found 3 new post codes on TBB maps very close to Elstead area. I think there is a customer that is feed across the A3 by cable Google Maps.
Posted by fastman 5 months ago
still not sure what relevance that has as there is no there is no gap funding on Wormley 7 -- if that a bduk cab that premise can either get service or it cant -- BDUK work on postcodes so some premises in a postcode may get service some may not depending on how large area the postcode is
Posted by Blackmamba 5 months ago
Hi Fastman.
I have rechecked and all Post Codes on Cab 7 have fibre there is one I think comes off a different Cab and it is the main house in Whitley Park there is also a low reading on TBB maps but they may not want SFB. In this area there were customers with long drives and they payed for the ducting this was on Elgin.
Posted by Somerset 5 months ago
Not a typical rural area...
Posted by fastman 5 months ago
blackmaman -- that is not gat funding they were ECC's (excess construction charges and I assume were paid to the service provider as part of the Service order journey)
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