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SuperfastCymru the difference between 96% and 88%
Thursday 03 November 2016 10:19:05 by Andrew Ferguson

The SuperfastCymru project has always had a difficult time with what its targets are, the original delivery date of June 2016 has come and gone, but while that was the official completion date, a date of end of 2016 has been mentioned several times and we were using that as the marker for the project being properly late.

On the coverage targets we are highlighting the differences between what 96% and 88% means because of the latest coverage by BBC Wales on various politicians comments about the project. The SuperfastCymru project target of 96% is referring to coverage of VDSL2(FTTC), cable broadband and FTTP/FTTH without any speed qualifers, and our tracking as of 1st November 2016 records this as 93.8%. When we add our speed qualifiers coverage drops to 88.27% at 30 Mbps and faster, an additional 1.2% are expected to get between 24 Mbps and 30 Mbps and a larger 4.3% have VDSL2 available to them but not at superfast speeds (using either the 24 or 30 Mbps definition).

Map showing in red/yellow/green VDSL2 speeds, black FTTP postcodes and blue highlighting under 10 Mbps postcodes

So will Wales hit its 96% fibre based broadband target? Well based on performance in the last couple of months it might make it to 94.3%, but we are aware and with changes to the Openreach checkers the public will be to that Fibre to the Premises (FTTH/FTTP) is on the way to numerous parts of Wales, we believe that this being built segment may amount to 1 to 2% further coverage, and as its pure fibre every premise delivered is automatically superfast. The problem with FTTP roll-out is that it is more time consuming compared to a VDSL2 roll-out, this often means it ends up costing more i.e. extra labour involved outweighs the cost of the VDSL2 hardware. The current FTTP picture is that 1.22% of Wales has access to Openreach FTTP (same wholesale price as VDSL2 importantly) and an extra 0.16% can access Hyperoptic services in Cardiff.

A parting word on the map, the amount of blue dots (under 10 Mbps speeds currently) postcodes looks a lot more than just 6.35% of premises in Wales, but this is down to the distribution of premises where in the towns and cities it is not unusual to see postcodes with 60 or 70 premises, but in rural areas sizes of 4 to 6 premises are much more common.


Posted by wittgenfrog 6 months ago
The constant delays are a pain in the proverbial.
In my area (Rural Pembrokeshire) the date has receded by a year three times with a date of "June 2017" now being predicted.

We are "in scope" for FTTP, and an Engineer (contractor) who appeared to be stringing fibre to some posts, confirmed this.
The fibre appears to be strung as far as a crossroad about 600metres from our house, and all our telegraph poles have the "Fibre overhead" stickers - just no fibre for 9 months!

I'm not sure what's worse - just waiting, or knowing it's so near & yet so far!
Posted by cymru123 6 months ago
If you use your postcode and address in the Where and When map on either the WG or Openreach site it now gives you an estimated number of months until RFS and it's build stage.

For example we are at the FTTP build stage and it's estimating the service will be RFS within 2 months.
Posted by ValueforMoney 6 months ago
Really useful, thank you.
Posted by astateoftrance 6 months ago
I am also in Pembrokeshire and are meant to be getting FTTP, the checker said by June 2017... now it says that they are exploring solutions!?! I am hoping it is just some database error or something and that it is still going ahead but maybe that is wishful thinking :( we already have new poles in the village (jan 2015) and they have been seen many times around the area laying fibre.
Posted by wittgenfrog 6 months ago
@cymru123 Thanks. I did as you suggested and miraculously it says I can now order BT Superfast and it is FTTP. The only problem now is getting it installed I suppose.

@astateoftrance See above. I re-visited the BTOpenreach site and it says that I can order.
Still waiting on a proper confirmation from BT on that one though. Been hanging on for 10mins so-far!
Posted by wittgenfrog 6 months ago
@astateoftrance - so I meant to say, you should give it a try too!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
Possibly easier to do it all online if the online checkers know FTTP is available. Links to the BT Consumer Infinity 1,2,3&4 pages
Posted by leexgx 6 months ago
bt/openreach will not give you a time when FTTP/FTTC is live it could be next week or next year

some people complained to ofcom about times been pushed back (norm due to ducting work) so bt was going to get fined or provided more accurate times so instead of providing actual live dates they just added 1-2 years so most live dates are like 2017 even thought you might have it next month

all you can do is keep checking on the bt Infinity online checker unless you can talk to someone at openreach (but that's annoying very hard to do due to rules)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
Best to use which is ISP agnostic.

NOTE: For Welsh FTTP areas a little more information on timescales is given.
Posted by astateoftrance 6 months ago
Thanks. Get the same message -

'We're working with government and industry to explore ways to bring Superfast fibre to as many people as possible but don't have a plan for your area yet.'

Posted by lmschuffer 6 months ago
Used Andrews suggested site using my line number which came back with correct cabinet info and the map shows a location 4 miles away ?.
I have reported to the WG that 60 homes out of the whole valley who are not getting SF and asked if we could have a local pole/chamber Dslam to speed us up and they say they cannot talk to BT about this !!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
The location 4 miles away is probably the exchange as the Openreach checker does not show the cabinet location.
Posted by jeanmw61 6 months ago
I am in Pembrokeshire, and was promised fibre by June 2016. Now I am getting that message; we're working with government etc. My AM has checked and been informed that they will look at it again in June 2017!
Posted by New_Londoner 5 months ago
Challenge the assertion from the Welsh Government person that told you they cannot speak to BT, that is clearly nonsense as they have a contract with the company! Alternatively you could contact the BT Wales team directly if they can't be bothered to ask for you.
Posted by lmschuffer 5 months ago
Andrew. The location was not the exchange which is quite a distance away.
New_Londoner, Do you please know how the contact BT Wales direct ?.
Pretty annoying when you tell you can't get super fast because you are to far from the cabinet and they reply "As the distance from the cabinet increases, the overall quality and strength of the broadband signal decreases." stock reply letter !.
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