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BT, Sky and NOW TV all adopt inclusive pricing
Friday 28 October 2016 16:05:08 by Andrew Ferguson

The deadline for providers to where they require their voice line rental with a broadband package is edging closer and three more providers have revamped how they list their pricing.

BT has revamped its product packages and now seem to barely mention voice line rental, since the price is now an inclusive element, the bonus that offsets the changes in the one-off costs is that the BT Reward Card on ADSL2+ products is £100 and on the Infinity range is £150 until the end of 7th November 2016.

Sky has removed most of its offers, with its fibre product range now at their normal prices, and just a £5/m off for 12 months offer on its unlimited ADSL2+ service along with the usual cycle of rewards on satellite TV bundles.

NOWTV which has the option of 1 month or a 12 month contract has changed pricing slightly for its various bundles, and while the one-off cost for the no-contract service remains at £60, the 12 month contract is slightly less attractive now as it has a £30/month option (Monthly costs are identical).


Posted by ZenUser27 6 months ago
It's more for infinity 2 now than I am paying (by£1) , so does this mean price rise time again?
Posted by Skilty 6 months ago
Hmmmmmm prices don't seem quite as attractive as they did yesterday. I could get Sky Fibre Max for £32.40 a month, now it is £49.99...

BT is more expense by a £1 compared to yesterday but they have increased the gift card by £25.

The prices charged by Sky are not far off AAISP!
Posted by James1o1o 6 months ago
Uh those prices have also gone up. I was checking them out because I was thinking of moving, It's now an extra £10 for BT infinity 2 + TV. Used to be £50 a month, now £60.
Posted by zyborg47 6 months ago
Line rental may not be mentioned, but it is still there and it is still a swizz and now that it is an all in one price, it can be raised and no one will know. government and Ofcom are gutless and will do nothing to end this rip off.

Posted by Seaview1985 6 months ago
@skilty - Sky Fibre Max is £42.40 per month not £49.99 as you say, you could be talking about BT Infinity 2 which is currently £49.99.
Posted by aindow143 6 months ago
This now looks like the end of new customer deals that offer cheaper broadband. Just last week unlimited BT infinity 2 was £29.98 including line rental and it still came with the same prepaid card. So much for this ruling making it better for consumers. Everyone knows line rental is required for broadband so this, in my opinion didn't need changing.
Posted by jrawle 6 months ago
I don't see why it means no more deals. They can still offer lower package prices, and I expect this to happen once the dust settles. Incidentally, existing customers should always phone up at the end of their deal and haggle. There's no need to pay full price once your discount ends.
Posted by jrawle 6 months ago
What does this mean for BT line rental saver? It's still listen on the phone only page, but how do they give a discount on line rental when it's not itemised separately? Or will broadband bills still show it separately? It's only a 10% discount these days, but that's £1.90 and still worth having IMHO.
Posted by WWWombat 6 months ago
I wonder if the current (high) price structure is necessary, so that offers put in place for Christmas can refer back to a time when higher prices did actually exist.
Posted by ZenUser27 6 months ago
Will wait for the envitable price rise notification and then I think pack the internet in.
Posted by zyborg47 6 months ago
@ZenUser27, I sometimes think that and think of the money I could save a month, £32 a month as i would not need a phone line. But then I think of how useful it is.
But some people may change back to ADSL if it is cheaper, I know of someone who have already done that, because they used to get a pretty good speed on that anyway, so they ar saving a tenner a month. the problem is now that providers are putting the price of ADSl close to fibre to make fibre look better value for money.
Posted by ney01 6 months ago
All my BT contracts are due for renewal near the end of January. So will see come then if BT will still offer me any discounts like I'm getting the now.
The new pricing modal now makes some of the broadband packages seem very dear.
Posted by Adam786 6 months ago
Plusnet still showing separate line charges with £2.50 broadband.
Posted by 21again 6 months ago
Had a look at PN's website and the inclusive pricing for packages is now showing (10.15am)

"Legal Bit" lower down webpage explains pricing in more individual detail for products.
Posted by csimon 6 months ago
ASA & Ofcom prove once again they don't understand the problem nor the product.The problem was ever-increasing LR to subsidise headline £1 or "free" BB.Bundling them won't make any difference,in fact bundling is indeed the problem itself-requiring 2 products from the same supplier.Providers have now taken the obscurity of bundling to increase the price at the same time.And I don't understand how this applies to e.g. AAISP who don't require you take out LR with them.People still have to calculate the LR separately.And does this mean the end of LR as a standalone product?
Posted by bicbasher 6 months ago
@Adam786 Plusnet are now showing all inclusive pricing. £20 for ADSL+2, £27.50 for up to 38MB and £32.50 for 76/20.

Cheaper than TalkTalk for ADSL and on a par with them for Fibre using their current promotional pricing.
Posted by knicol46 6 months ago
Virgin Media one of the last to grudgingly change their prices finally
Posted by BBSlowcoach 6 months ago
There goes the 12 month LR upfront discount. Who said inclusive pricing was consumer friendly?
Posted by Adam786 6 months ago
@bicbasher Yeh looks like they changed it in the morning..

Talktalk maybe £3 more but you won't get price increase in the middle of the contract and it's my understanding that as long as they have it in their contract that price may go up, don't think you can leave as they already stated that in your contract.
Posted by Adam786 6 months ago
Looks like Vodafone broadband still have line rental charges still showing on their adsl2 product.
Posted by gsmlnx 6 months ago
But watch out for Plusnet as they charge more on exchanges without LLU competition.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 months ago
And on exchanges with no llu competition usually means TalkTalk is not available anyway.
Posted by bicbasher 6 months ago
@Adam786 Absolutely, which is why I renewed my contract with TalkTalk for another 18 months and upgraded to 76/20 as it's fixed until April 2018. (for me at least).

Plusnet aren't offering fixed price contracts, so could be more expensive over the same period.

Vodafone is still the cheapest for 76/20 at £28.
Posted by Adam786 6 months ago
@bicbasher so does sse fibre broadband they also offer fixed 18 month contracts for £21 no rise during 18 months but are traffic managed.
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