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TalkTalk renames Simply Broadband to Fast Broadband as line rental changes take effect
Monday 03 October 2016 14:42:03 by Andrew Ferguson

For anyone who has used our package listings we have integrated the cost of a providers line rental into the overall package price but now with just a few weeks until the new ASA rules take effect providers are starting to change how they list and promote the packages on their websites and of course the many comparison sites that exist.

Vodafone was the first high profile firm to ditch the line rental price in a small font with its ripping up of the line rental bill during TV adverts. TalkTalk has not gone to that extent as they are simply saying that the price includes line rental, though the changes have happened at the same time as a re-brand.

Compared to the old entry level service the new Fast Broadband is marginally more expensive (£21.45 versus £22.95) but you do gain a mobile SIM that includes unlimited texts, 200 minutes of calls and 500MB of data each month, so if you use the SIM it probably is better value. An interesting marketing twist is the promotion of a price guarantee for the full 18 months of the contract term but you still have to a little clicking around to learn that the non-offer price i.e. what will apply after 18 months is currently £25.50 per month.

The VDSL2 packages have also had a rename and are known as Faster Fibre Broadband, but this means faster than the ADSL2+ service, rather than being a faster fibre package since it is still the entry level up to 38 Mbps download and up 1.9 Mbps upload Openreach GEA-FTTC product. Oddly the Fibre Large (up to 76 Mbps) service has vanished. The Faster Fibre service carries a £25 set-up fee (applicable for both new VDSL2 connections and migrations) and a monthly cost of £27/m for 18 months, then £32/month.


Posted by Oldjim 6 months ago
The 80/20 is still there but is a boost which is a bit odd as it implies you can move between the two although I can't find the cost or indeed any details
Posted by Kebabselector 6 months ago
'Fast Broadband'

Minimum guaranteed download speed: 2.6Mb
Download speed range: 3.7Mb - 8.5Mb

Posted by baby_frogmella 6 months ago
Does anyone know if TT sim-only mobile plans include 4G data or is it 3G only? I know their business sim-only plans include 4G data (O2?) but nothing stated on their residential website. And do TTR still use Vodafone network? I thought they'd move over to O2 (yuck)...
Posted by Futaura 6 months ago
TTR are currently still using Vodafone - no 4G.
Posted by zyborg47 6 months ago
They can rename things all they want, it makes no different, customer service is still a load of rubbish and I still will not touch Talk Talk. Still at least they have not hidden line rental, but line rental is still a swiz, hidden or not.

Posted by paulby 6 months ago
@Oldjim The "up to 76Mb" boost costs £5/month so, for 80/20, it's £32/month for 18 months
Posted by dogbark 6 months ago
I'm currently sitll using Vodafone and I have 4G
Posted by bicbasher 6 months ago
Virgin Media uses EE for their mobile service, but has no access to their 4G service, so no real surprise another MVNO doesn't either.

Posted by baby_frogmella 6 months ago
VM will finally launch 4G for their residential users this month. MVNOs using 4G is becoming more common now, eg The Peoples Operator, TalkTalk Business, BT Mobile etc so was wondering if TalkTalk Residential had caught up. Would be great if MVNOs could also include features like VoLTE, wifi calling but more chances of pigs flying.
Posted by bicbasher 6 months ago
Finally able to take 80/20 with this offer. Had ADSL2+ with no major issues, although I've had to complain about billing via the CEO as the call centre and live chat are less than perfect.
Posted by michaels_perry 6 months ago
The advertising is even more misleading now! Some companies are saying they have removed the costs of line rental altogether, when in fact they have been included in the total amount payable. I suspect some are using this as an excuse to increase the rental element and hoping people will not notice.
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