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Virgin Media Gamer broadband launched with 20 Mbps upload connection
Friday 02 September 2016 15:57:17 by Andrew Ferguson

Traditionally in the broadband market the gamers are those that eat up any improvements in their broadband connectivity, and while the basic needs for most FPS style games has not changed much in over a decade, i.e. maintain reliable consistent low latency bandwidth of just 6 to 10 Kbps (Kilo bits per second) for both download and upload the rise of side-casting via Twitch has pushed the upload requirements, i.e. people now stream live video of their game play with commentary or more commonly use voice to communicate with other players in team based games.

Virgin Media is attempting to corner some of this market with a new 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload Gamer product, that commands a £5 a month premium over the existing VIVID 200 service. The new Gamer service gives you 20 Mbps upload versus 12 Mbps upload and also the traffic management that would hit the upload side particularly is not present on the service - there are no tweaks that we are aware of that will improve jitter or latency (unless this was caused by you saturating the upload side of your previous package). This means the package is not for your everyday Battlefield 1 player, but those who play with voice and broadcast their game play and maybe there is more than one player in the home, so was running into the upload traffic management of the previous top tier package.

The launch coincides with a raft of price and package name changes that are reflected in our Virgin Media listing where voice line rental is now £19/m, 18 month contracts apply to most bundles and and the service set-up fee is £14.99.


Posted by rtho782 5 months ago
Asked about upgrading to this, as Homeworks 300 is not available to me, but told that I'd lose my current £10 per month partner discount, which seems silly as you'd think they would like more money.

I guess I'll wait!
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
Is this also the first package they have ever done where they have actively advertised upload? Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen one before?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
More openly mentioned because there is no traffic management on it.

Some will recall some PR from yonks ago where upload at 10% of download was the plan - but fell by the wayside.
Posted by Corvid 5 months ago
historically Gaming on Virgin has been a problem. Play any online MMO/CO-OP game and if an ISP player base had issues with disconnections or latency it was usually VM users, if not then then talktalk.

So beware any thinking of taking it up, VM have actively hindered gamers in the past, just google "virgin media game latency"
Posted by rtho782 5 months ago
I moved to it, told them I'd cancel due to price rises if they didn't match my current offer.

Seems pretty good, I think the ramp on TBBx1 is just because the test completes in about a second and it takes most of it to ramp to full speed.
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
VM have always been crap at single thread speeds, Be interested to see what people get on FTP. I could never break 2.5MB/sec no matter what I used
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
If using the version then the tbbx1 test should take 8 seconds on every connection
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
9 for me- but that's neither here nor there.
Posted by mlmclaren 5 months ago
It will seem a little misleading to some advertising it better for gaming.... it isn't its better for media sharing (higher upload) unless they have figured a way to lower latency or stop jitter (which I doubt) it will still be the same old service with a little more headroom on upstream and as many may know, pings on a virgin connection become very bad when uploading even at half the bandwidth available...
Posted by ZenUser27 5 months ago
But hey ho. There is sure to be another price rise soon in order to pay for it all.
Posted by mlmclaren 5 months ago
... ooo also, why is this package only available with a phone line... last I heard you didn't...Blah Blah Blah.
Posted by mlmclaren 5 months ago
oh no, apologies, just checked again and seems they've now added the option for without a phone line, funny how it took a couple of days though :X
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 5 months ago
@mlmclaren Suspect you may have had a page cached, as the broadband only and broadband + phone pages were defo there at the time of writing the article.
Posted by rtho782 4 months ago
I had it BB only, £5 more than Vivid 200.

After 2 days I managed to get switched to Homeworks 300.
Posted by plombier94 4 months ago

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