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Jeremy Corbyn MP sets out Labour ambition for FTTP for all
Tuesday 30 August 2016 13:11:03 by Andrew Ferguson

The Labour leader talked about universal high speed broadband recently but in a new speech today has set out some more detail, though full copies of what has been said do not appear online yet. Jeremy Corbyn MP is making it pretty clear that he wants universal broadband to be available to all no matter how urban or how rural and he sees this being delivered by FTTP and/or mobile coverage and is earmarking some £25 billion to achieve this.

The Universal Service Network will be financed by the National Investment Bank which will be created if Labour wins the 2020 General Election with the NIB aiming to invest many billions in a variety of infrastructure projects.

Precise details on timelines and how a universal network would be achieved are of course thin on the ground, the same with all political ambitions that start off as a dream and are then slowly fleshed out, but it is thought that a timeframe of ten years for completion may the sort of timescale involved.

The UK may currently only have around 2% FTTP coverage, but if this new network is truly universal there are questions around how it will be achieved, e.g. new universal provider, nationalisation of Openreach or another alternative. Of course those existing FTTP operators may not be keen on a state subsidised operator coming their way, and we very much doubt Virgin Media will be keen either.

For those who have followed the NBN in Australia this announcement almost mirrors similar ones made some years ago by the Labour Government then, but a change of party in charge saw a change in direction, particularly once the bills for the building work involved started to roll in.

Having a firm timeline to 100% FTTH/FTTP coverage would be brilliant to have in the UK, but with the next General Election just under four years away there is a risk that some councils may scale back their ambitions in terms of gap funding i.e. promise of a new universal network will make councils and possibly investors wary of spending their own cash when it might be over lapped by a new network. In the days of EU membership this overlap would be stopped by EU State Aid Rules but by 2020 Brexit and EU membership should be part of UK history.


Posted by burble 8 months ago
Come the next election the tory's will add up all JC's commitments, assuming he's still about, and come up with a new tax rate, bye bye JC.
Posted by jrawle 8 months ago
It's a little premature to state that EU state aid rules will no longer apply in 2020. We don't even know when we'll be leaving the EU (if at all), let alone what sort of agreements will be in place instead, which may commit us to following EU rules (just having no say in them - I know, heard it all before...) Still, there's more chance we'll be free of EU state aid rules than there is of Corbyn being PM!
Posted by Plankton1066 8 months ago
I saw next doors tom cat spraying my Openreach FTTC cabinet. Seeing as the cat has similar chances to Jeremy as making as PM, I am assuming that this is an omen for FTTP for all by Christmas.
Posted by TheEulerID 8 months ago
Nationalising OR would cost the thick end of £20bn on its own, before any investment was made.

Then there's the issue that it would run straight across private competition. I'm not quite sure what the legal issues would be regarding state aid post-brexit, but I suspect it won't be replaced by a free for all. Most likely a lot of EU legislation will be carried over in a modified form.
Posted by djfunkdup 8 months ago
Quote:We don't even know when we'll be leaving the EU (if at all) l o l Bless .. Wakey Wakey
Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz 8 months ago
Reminds me of this:
Posted by chilting 8 months ago
I guess we would all like FTTP, but Corbyn's chances of delivering it are just as pie in the sky as each and every one of us have of getting it.
Posted by driz 8 months ago
"particularly once the bills for the building work involved started to roll in."

This is factually incorrect editorialising.
Posted by tommy45 8 months ago
@burble:I really do hope for the sake of this country and it's Indigenous people that the next GE in 2020 the next party to be in office isn't any of the traitorous soros puppets that are the
Posted by burble 8 months ago
@tommy45, i'm sure the Cornish and welsh appreciate your concern, but i'm afraid us anglo-saxons are here to stay.
Posted by tommy45 8 months ago
@ burble,Yes but for how much longer what legacies are these soros puppets going to leave the next generation ?If things in the EU and uk don't suddenly start to take a very different direction we will have lost all our culture,
Posted by tommy45 8 months ago
@djfunkdup If sharia may fails to give the 17.4 million people what they voted for therefore denying them democracy (which is all but dead in the uk) she and the tories will have a very short term in office
Posted by CarlThomas 8 months ago
Sticking to the topic rather than the ever thrilling discussion on the evils of the EU...

This is actually one of the less mental things that was in this presentation from JC.
Posted by Bob_s2 8 months ago
This seems to be yet another back of a fag packet policy. He thinks £25B will cover it I doubt it may be enough to cover 90% of the country but that's all

The other slight problem is it is likely to make a loss. Where is the money for that coming from?
Posted by tommy45 8 months ago
@Bob_s2 false promises that would appear to be a trait of any politician well it has been in the case of previous LAB/LIMP/CON governments, IO doubt this fool corbyn has any real idea what FTTH actually is
Posted by djfunkdup 8 months ago
@ Tommy45. Yes agree with you 100% bud. Some people just seam a bit deleuded thats all but hey i agree with Carl .Prob better to stick to the topic in hand . Thanks
Posted by tommy45 8 months ago
NP, but corbyn is a loon or would be very dangerous to our way of life
Posted by djfunkdup 8 months ago
Agreed. it's as if he's been planted there by Aliens to screw up the Labour Party.Though it must be said they were making a good job of imploding anyway ,So JC is just making sure it all goes to plan lol .. Imposter with influence coming from non-labour ;-)
Posted by fox-uk 8 months ago
At least Corbyn knows what the internet is.

IDS was so up to date he thought 'flat screen TVs' were the cutting edge of extravagance.

Corbyn gets a lot of his support from Geekdom and social media.

What other Party is using tech to have telephone canvassing where people do it from their homes without cost?
Whichever Party wins the idea will be stolen if popular.


P.S. It was all a lot easier when all we had was the Russians to worry about..... or was it the French? Agincourt, Cressy and we burned their patron saint.....
Posted by JacktheMac 8 months ago
Quote: We don't even know when we'll be leaving the EU (if at all).

Agreed. T. May is doing her best to stall and dilute the original promises. Very much doubt Brexit will occur – just a watered down ‘renegotiation’. UKPLC needs EU trade AND movement of labour to keep economy solvent. Can’t have both, despite dreams of Farage et al.
Posted by djfunkdup 8 months ago
@jackthemac and jrawle.
Overseeing the UK's negotiations to leave the EU and establishing the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

Just so you guys can keep up with reality. thought the above twitter feed would be helpful ;)
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