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Sky Fibre Max up to 76 Mbps now on offer at £15/m plus £17.40/m line rental
Friday 26 August 2016 15:10:01 by Andrew Ferguson

For those close enough to the cabinet get benefit from the faster up to 76 Mbps VDSL2 (FTTC) services there used to be little price competition, but the revamp and launch of Sky Fibre Max over at BSkyB has produced a 12 month price offer already. The up to 76 Mbps download and up to 19 Mbps upload service is available for £15/m for 12 months plus the usual voice line rental at £17.40/m on a 12 month contract (there is the £9.95 router delivery charge to pay too).

If you stay with Sky after the 12 months on the same product the broadband price rises to £25/m. Ordering is done over the phone, we presume so that Sky can ensure that no false speed expectations are set, as in people ordering the service when the estimates for the line suggest that the up to 38 Mbps product would be the better option.

Sky currently only has around 7% of its FTTC customers on an up to 76 Mbps service according to our data compared to around 25% of BT Consumer FTTC users, so there is plenty of scope for growth in this customer base.


Posted by cotswoldconnect 8 months ago
This sounds like a really good deal until you try to order it.
This offer is only open to new Sky customers. Once again Sky do nothing for existing customers who currently have to pay £25.00 a month for 40Mb broadband.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 8 months ago
Why are you paying £25 for their up to 38 Mbps product?

Standard price is £20/m plus line rental.
Posted by cotswoldconnect 8 months ago
My mistake, it is £20.00 a month and not £25.00
Posted by AndrueC 8 months ago
I'd be tempted if they offered static IP addresses but it's unclear whether they do. When I asked them a year or so ago they said it depends where I live (which seems odd) and I'd have to wait for my connection to go live before I could ask for the static address.

But to be fair even though I'm a Sky HD subscriber the savings aren't all that great.
Posted by cotswoldconnect 8 months ago
Existing customers can upgrade after all at a cost of £25.00 a month
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 8 months ago
The old Pro products had static IP, but none of the new products do.
Posted by Spud2003 8 months ago

Ah, right, I wondered whether it might be an attempt to lure Fibre Pro users to Fibre Max so they could move to shutting down the Pro product(and associated premium services) more quickly.
Posted by RAConnell 8 months ago
Lucky those who get any Sky Fibre. I live in a town in the SE where various areas have BT fibre and presumably Sky fibre but I'm still on ADSL.
Posted by mitchja 8 months ago
Most of Sky's broadband connections are IPv6 now as well (both ADSL & fibre) which also means you don't get a static IPv6 address anyway.
Posted by blfamily 8 months ago
Interesting, when I live chatted to a guy from Sky last week he told me Fibre Max was only available to current customers...
Posted by zhango 8 months ago
I'm coming to the end of my first year with BT Infinity 1 which was on offer for £10/month. Without asking I've been offered the unlimited usage 76Meg service at £15/month for a 24 month contract. That's £15/month for the full 24 month period. It's a good offer but I may be moving house with 12 months.
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