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£17,500 of funding helps create a first for BT Community Fibre scheme
Wednesday 24 August 2016 16:51:19 by Andrew Ferguson

The number of privately gap funded VDSL2 cabinets appearing across the UK is increasing as communities make increased use of the BT Community Fibre Partnership Scheme and today a first of its kind scenario has arisen.

Ditcham in Hampshire is the first area to benefit from extra funding of £17,500 from a maximum available of £20,000 towards the cost of bring superfast broadband to an area. This extra funding on top of any gap funding raised by the community itself is only possible by BT subsidising the costs when there is a school in the cabinet area.

"The outstanding contributions from BT and Openreach to get this fibre optic network both designed and installed, whilst offering a very generous grant towards this community project, has ensured that our teachers and pupils can enjoy faster internet access. This will improve the opportunities we are able to offer to our pupils for the commencement of our new academic year."

Chris Pickett, Chair of Governors, at Ditcham Park School

There are of course other ways of bringing superfast broadband to a rural area such as the full DIY approach as showcased by B4RN, or operators such as Gigaclear but with varying conditions across the UK no single plan will work everywhere and thus while it is easy to criticise the BT fibre scheme it does offer another avenue to avoid having to wait however many years before an inevitable upgrade does happen.

There is some £2 million of funding from BT for areas which qualify for the school funding, so its a case of acting now rather than waiting a couple of years to see what may or may not happen. While we expect the majority of areas to see VDSL2 from the partnerships if the maths stack up then we believe native FTTP is also available as an option.


Posted by ValueforMoney 7 months ago
So this is BT's contribution in a gap funding model, great to see. Interesting to see an amount per premise passed to what extent it exceeds c£70 a premise passed for 20% take up or c£120 where 33% take up is assumed.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 7 months ago
Are you making the assumption about the £17,500 being all the money going to the cabinet? Additionally how do you know how many premises are involved?
Posted by Llety 7 months ago
Lots and lots of different models

helps a lot if you don't mind spending xmas in a trench and can drive a track excavator.
Posted by Blackmamba 7 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers
Very good cheap £17000 PR for BT on an independent school that is a long way from its Cab 2 on post Code GU315RN which is showing Low results on TBB maps in the area.
Posted by ValueforMoney 7 months ago
Andrew, I do not need to know in this case. It is a matter how much BT will need to recover for its investment.
If we can get a PCP number we can see the number of premises served. Codelook provides a view of premises served by cabinet, unsure how reliable it is but it is BT data.
YOur familiar with BT's submission to CMS Inquiry where average phase 1 BDUK cabinet cost is declared at £26k before BT capital is considered.
Cabinet is only £5k, so £17,000 covers install and some connection.
Posted by fastman 7 months ago

The grant scheme works as follows the Gap Required is X if the community can raise 50% of that and there is a school eligible they can apply for a grant unto a max of 20k based on a match with the community

So more disinformaton and supposition

A there is nob Cab in this case
B its FTTP
C they communtiy have civiled a significant distance in private land in conjuction with openreach
Posted by fastman 7 months ago
who says fully fitted equipped cabinet is 5k !!!!
Posted by fastman 7 months ago
VFM this obesiion with 26k for a cab is just lunacy this is a bespoke design solution for a end of the line (probably in last 1 /2% based on their distance from cab)The community has worked proactively with openreach to get to a significantly better place !!!! and you all did is try to unpick- based on your misconstrued assumption !!!!!
Posted by TheEulerID 7 months ago

Congratulations. You've created a new record for making wildly inappropriate financial and technical assumptions.
Posted by themanstan 7 months ago
And for a rural exchanges the backhaul from the exchange to BT core will need upgrading...
Posted by ValueforMoney 7 months ago
Fastman..good to see FTTP sorry for jumping the gun. It would be good to see the itemisation of costs and the various contributions.
Posted by ValueforMoney 7 months ago
Fastman we do need to see BT capital contribution of c£360m to allowable capital costs explained in full.
Posted by Blackmamba 7 months ago
If you check on all new TBB maps and checked the CAB position by using other numbers round the area and terrain plus Sam knows the answer is fibre.
Posted by New_Londoner 7 months ago
Actually *you* don't, the auditors do though, and appear to be happy with what they see given they appear to be passing invoices for payment and not querying the approach.

If you had any real evidence of an issue by now, surely you would have raised it formally with your ex colleagues at BDUK. The fact you haven't speaks volumes.
Posted by fastman 7 months ago
VFM there is no public money so you need to see nothing !!!!
Posted by fastman 7 months ago
VFM your 1st comment on this thread is wrong and they have just got more wrong as they have gone on)

Posted by WWWombat 7 months ago
A litany of inappropriate use of numbers and statistics. Sigh.

Is it appropriate to just use the average? Ever? Is the average still the same? It wasnt expected to be. What is the range? The standard deviation? Is it really a bell-shaped distribution? What if it is more gamma than guassian? Or exponential?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 7 months ago
Also why is everyone arguing over a few thousand pounds here and there on each cabinet, when the cry from the public is speed up the roll-out and fill in all the difficult bits.

Plus plenty of campaigners calling for an even more labour intensive roll-out, where hardware cap ex would be lower, but civil costs higher.
Posted by fastman 7 months ago
agreed you'd think - that interesting - my community has a school were not connected we could benefit from this -- so what do we need to do -- but no -- its a whinge fest about stuff that nothing to do with BDUk !!!!
Posted by Blackmamba 7 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
I hope the customers on the post code will do a few speed tests to update the average results to show money well spent by all person involved in this remote area.
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