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Sky Broadband Unlimited with £75 reward just pay £17.40/m line rental and delivery
Friday 19 August 2016 10:08:33 by Andrew Ferguson

For those who cannot get a fibre based service or don't need the extra speed it usually brings and are thus sticking to an ADSL2+ based service, the LLU ADSL2+ service from Sky for those new customers who join the provider without taking Sky TV just got a lot cheaper.

Sky Broadband Unlimited is available for free for 12 months, by paying the £9.95 Sky Hub delivery fee and then voice line rental at £17.40/month for the 12 month contract term. The bonus is that if you sign-up online you will also qualify for a £75 Prepaid MasterCard, which gives an effective first year cost of £143.75 or the equivalent of £11.98 per month.

The ADSL2+ service if you remain after the 12 month minimum term will cost £10/month plus the £17.40/month line rental. The line rental package does not include any inclusive calls.


Posted by ribble 7 months ago
Also use a cash back site, eg topcashback or quidco to get additional money back
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 7 months ago
Only if you promise to send us the prepaid mastercard :-)
Posted by ukwoody 7 months ago
LOL @ Andrew
Posted by ZenUser27 7 months ago
They never honored my £125 for BT. They are crooks (TCB)
Posted by ukhardy071 7 months ago
@zenuser27 likewise. I could not be bothered to chase. Quidco have always honoured, even paid out when I have cancelled things in the past & then refused to take the money back.
Posted by mlmclaren 7 months ago
Quidco seem to be the most reliable, even when cashback don't track or vendor starts being a d...
Posted by ukwoody 7 months ago
Note, this is only in their "serviced area". So if like me ou're on a market A they do not offer it.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 7 months ago
Market A/B is irrelevant, we covered the availability by referring to the LLU ADSL2+ service.

Ofcom does not dynamically update exchange definitions, so you can have Market A exchanges with a LLU operator in them.
Posted by danman7_200 7 months ago
Went to sign up online but got error twice and to order over the phone. The adviser said they couldn't honour the prepaid card over the phone. I hung up and went with talk talk who have a 75 quid voucher. No problems. I found sky's website overly messy complicated and misleading. Try order the service. It's meant to include unlimited talk but when you go through the order system u auvergne to select it as an 8 quid extra.
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