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Sale stickers over at TalkTalk have changed
Friday 12 August 2016 10:32:12 by Andrew Ferguson

Everyone wants better broadband and they want it yesterday, but the difficulty is often getting people to part with the extra monthly cost. Alas something else that has been going on for a while is also making it less desirable for people to chase the best deals once they already have a FTTC/VDSL2 service - and that is the high cost of migration.

TalkTalk has revamped its prices, so its ADSL2+ service all inclusive price is £21.45 per month for the 18 month minimum term and has free migration to the service. The up to 38 Mbps download (up to 1.9 Mbps upload) VDSL2 service is not much more expensive at £26.45 per month (includes £17.70 line rental) for 18 months but does carry a £50 setup fee no matter whether its a new fibre service or you are migrating from an existing service.

TalkTalk has a line rental service option, which once you've paid 12 months line rental in advance reduces this cost to the equivalent of £15.93 per month, but don't forget the £6.75 router delivery charge.


Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
So are those prices higher or lower than before? Also it is strange that ADSL is at such a high price compared to Fibre, is this TT way of getting people to change to fibre? the set up fee is a pain, this is one of the reason I am staying plusnet at the moment, because any savings from moving will be reduced. Not that I would ever go to Talk Talk anyway.

Posted by TheEulerID 9 months ago

The monthly rental cost of the GEA-FTTC 40/2 product is £6.90 per month (exc VAT), whilst the difference between the ADSL2+ & VDSL service is £5 (or £4.17 exc. VAT). One the face of it, that means TT are are "subsidising" the VDSL service by about £2.73 a month. Perhaps there are to TT economies. GEA-FTTC connects at fewer locations, probably better served by TT backhaul networks & maybe is saves backhaul to remote exchanges.

Also, we don't know the price hike after 18 months.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
The packages linked to give the out of contract pricing.

ADSL2+ £7.50/m plus line rental
Up to 38 Mbps VDSL £17.50 plus line rental
Posted by ukhardy071 9 months ago
@TheEulerID it is very common for TT to offer fibre free to existing customers for 12 months, they just pay the line rental. I am not sure what the costs are to TT, but I would assume money is made somewhere along the lines.
Posted by TheEulerID 9 months ago
Thats the out of contract price now, but what it will be in 18 months's time, who knows.
Posted by zyborg47 9 months ago
@TheEulerID, I think putting the price of ADSL up close to VDSL is a swiz to be honest, paying almost the same for a service that is normally way below the quality of VDSL.
As for the price anyway, as you said we do not know the price after 18 months, but looking at the site it seems like it will go up to £35 on 38Mb/s. No point in changing just to change again latter on
Posted by michaelkenward 8 months ago
"it is strange that ADSL is at such a high price compared to Fibre, is this TT way of getting people to change to fibre?"

TalkTalk is trying to unload "awkward" customers. It dumped people on BT-only ADSL earlier this year. Palmed us off on to something called Fleur.

I moved to BT Infinity – it has just come to our village – which is faster and cheaper than anything TalkTalk offers.

TalkTalk is a joke with a clown in charge.
Posted by ChrisAO 8 months ago
TT's £50 setup fee for FTTC = £2.77pm over 18 months so no subsidy in reality!
Also TT were not offering FTTC on Market 1 exchanges where they had no equipment - I haven't checked if that has changed - not that I'd be likely to use them anyway.
Posted by Blackmamba 8 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
Remember you get what you pay for on the post code RED, Yellow Green system TBB new formate at least they are advertising what is available so buyer beware.
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