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Jeremy Corbyn promises better business broadband as part of election campaign
Thursday 04 August 2016 15:15:32 by Andrew Ferguson

Political speeches with ambitions and visions are great and while not every promise by politicians seeking election becomes reality it is good to see broadband appearing in the latest speech from Jeremy Corbyn as part of his Labour leadership contest. A copy of the speech and the pledges is over at

That’s why we have announced a National Investment Bank to help channel £500 billion of investment over the next decade …

We’ll invest in housing … to secure homes for people

We will invest in the high speed broadband businesses need … and stop languishing behind Bulgaria and Romania

We will invest in renewable energy … to transition to a low carbon economy and keep the lights on

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP

The National Investment Bank (NIB) with £500 billion available for infrastructure projects is not a new idea it was mooted before in July 2016 and the phrasing around the broadband element is a bit worrying. Why worrying? Well generally high speed broadband is considered below superfast broadband, or put another way we know of at least one hotel that has promised high speed broadband since 1998 for visitors, i.e. without some qualifying technical figures it is largely meaningless. The EU, which we are in the slow process of now leaving, already has a European Investment Bank and recently we covered how Hyperoptic was benefiting from that arrangement, so a new NIB would be a replacement we presume operating on similar lines.

Broadband for business that is better than Bulgaria and Romania sounds like a perfect idea as everyone in the old Eastern Bloc has full FTTP, but a look at the EU Digital Market site suggests that Romania is aiming for 80% coverage at 30 Mbps or faster for 2020 (the FTTP coverage level at 58% is clearly many times higher than the UK, but there is a lot smaller DOCSIS footprint). Looking at Bulgaria they appear to be aiming for 100% NGA coverage and this is set to mean 50% have access to 100 Mbps and 80% of businesses can get connections exceeding 100 Mbps. Bulgaria while having lots more FTTP at 28% versus the 1.7% in the UK, has no VDSL2 but a high level of DOCSIS cable at 61% at the end of 2014.

Given existing plans and direction we are seeing broadband coverage move in the UK, one can only assume that the speech writer really meant to say we will invest in more Fibre to the Premises to catch up with other European countries. Though this raises important questions over what can you NOT DO with a 300 Mbps DOCSIS or connection that you cannot do with a similar speed Fibre to the Premises service? We should say we would love to report on UK FTTP coverage rising a lot more rapidly than it is, but beyond lots of talking very few are putting the money where it matters so that in the next five to ten years we can catch up and surpass other countries.


Posted by comnut 9 months ago

you DO know, I hope that Corbyn is 'leader of the opposition' and that means he will promise huge flying pigs, if that will get media attention????
Posted by Llety 9 months ago
Far be it from me to support Corbyn who in collaberation(????) with his party has left the country without effective opposition at a time when it really needs it. However, in very mild support, at least he is acknowledging a problem exists and it needs a solution. If enough politicans play "My policy is better than yours" for long enough the money will appear.
Posted by tommy45 9 months ago
@commut +1 on you corbyn comments, the man's a libtard fool who would change england into england-istahn We as a country cannot afford to allow to happen

As for "The EU which we in the slow process of now leaving " lol, in what way has our unelected traitorous pro EU PM started the brexit process? answers on a postcard

Facts are sharia may has done nothing and is stalling for time, there is already rumours about it not even starting until 2020, article 50 should of been triggered on 24th July 16
Posted by GeeTee 9 months ago
I like his somewhat idealogical goals - but given the nation's current parlous financial position (the BoE didn't just cut the base rate and re-activate QE for no good reason) - how's this going to paid for?

Comparing UK broadband to Eastern Bloc broadband is rather pointless. Of course they leap-frogged the UK as they did not have the same legacy incremental improvement history to deal with. They went from zero to hero in one bound.
Posted by GeeTee 9 months ago
@tommy45 what are you on about? "libtard" "england-istahn" "sharia may"? That's the most incisive commentary you have? Did you expect the Brexit to happen overnight? If so why? Our entanglement took several decades in the making, only a fool would immediately rush out the door without a well laid plan to extricate themselves from the tentacles.
Posted by tommy45 9 months ago
If you really don't know then i suggest that you check a few more news sources than the bbc and sky
as they lie

As for the external NTE i think they may have been withdrawn because they have some type of filtering that doesn't work with VDSL services , engineers would have to bypass that and install an normal NTE &filtered faceplate inside
Posted by rtho782 9 months ago
Lol, article 50 on 24th July 2016. Reminds me of this:

Corbyn is a nutter, he's putting out random policies now as he's been accused of not actually wanting to be PM and nobody knows what he actually plans to do, so he's trying to make himself look serious.
Posted by CarlThomas 9 months ago
The Internet really does need a sobriety test before being allowed to post anything anywhere.

I speak from bitter, if comical, experience :)
Posted by astateoftrance 9 months ago
Well as we have seen austerity does not work so I fully support a massive investment program like this. Highly doubt Jeremy can do it but hopefully some one can.
Posted by jumpmum 9 months ago
I assume you have the £500 BILLION stashed somewhere to pay for the investment? Even cancelling the Trident replacement will make no significant hole in that borrowing pot!
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
good to see some politics here... :) :)
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
I hope people have been watching the labour party hustings, to make sure they know the 'labour party version' of the truth,.... :)
Posted by astateoftrance 9 months ago

No, unfortunately, but the Uk has it's own currency. It prints the money, it cannot run out. Also lets not forget that the investments will mean everyone has more money and so spends more and equals more tax for the government. Austerity just causes a death spiral for the economy.
Posted by Gadget 9 months ago
@astateoftrance -
Posted by astateoftrance 9 months ago
Well they have 'printed' hundreds of Billions of pounds in the form of quantitative easing since the 2008 recession and now there's another £100 Billion on the way.
What I am saying is that they need to invest a lot more rather than endless cuts. Housing should be the priority, high speed internet should also be part of it.
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
(note: I do not know any of this for sure, PLEASE correct... :) )
this AFAIK has always been the problem, TOO many rich people in the Lords, with no clue what the 'normal person in the street' does..
EG they think milk from Fortnum at 'only £2 a pint' is quite cheap...

It seems these people live in their estate, the only experience of the 'outside world' is what their planners bring to them, with no sign of the impact to the area, only how much money they can make from ruining the habitat of 'normal people'...
Posted by fredjsudder 9 months ago
Corbyn is a decent, honest man.
The villains of the piece are the disloyal Blairite crowd of career politicians who are without principles.
Posted by TheEulerID 9 months ago

Corbyn is always going to have trouble with demanding loyalty when he voted against his own party line in Parliament over 500 times.

Really it all points to a fundamental split between a fundamentally socialist wing (represented by Corbyn) and a social democrat wing. This is a repeat of what happened in the 1980s with Foot and this time the split could be final.
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