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Where is Central Bedfordshire as phase 1 superfast roll-out completes
Tuesday 02 August 2016 11:14:03 by Andrew Ferguson

The Central Bedfordshire Broadband project has declared that its phase 1 BDUK project is now complete, so its time to look at what has been achieved.

The project is a combined effort from a number of councils, namely Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough Council and Milton Keynes itself, so we have combined these three councils to arrive at an overall project result. While projects hitting their targets are important in the political sense the reality on the ground is that people only really case about their own home.

thinkbroadband calculation of Superfast, USC and Fibre Broadband Coverage across the Central Bedfordshire Broadband Project Area
Coverage figures as of 31st July 2016
Area % fibre based % superfast
24 Mbps or faster
% superfast
30 Mbps or faster
% cable % Openreach FTTP % Under 2 Mbps USC % Under 10 Mbps
Combined Project Area 94% 92.1% 91.7% 40.2% 4.42% 0.4% 4%
Bedford Borough Council 91.5% 89.3% 89% 71.1% 0.25% 0.7% 5.4%
Central Bedfordshire Council 92.1% 89.8% 89.2% 60.2% 0% 0.3% 4.8%
Milton Keynes Council 97.6% 96.4% 96.1% 0% 11.73% 0.2% 2.2%

Our data shows that the project has broken through the 90% mark and is continuing to deliver as the next phase is rolled out, and this can only be good news for the more than 10,000 premises who can only get a 10 Mbps or slower connection currently.


Posted by leejhamilton 9 months ago
Shame I'm in the 0.7% for Bedford with no BDUK funding. Though BT have said they will now deploy FTTP sometime (maybe / possibly) by next year. BT have been slipping dates for nearly 5 years now. Hence no BDUK support
Posted by burble 9 months ago
Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Well what else might you expect to post.
It's all very well quoting a figure which includes a major urban area not even in the same county as me, also it sounds good to quote the overall numbers who now get superfast, but lets look at this another way.
Where the money has been spent, how many households can actually get superfast? My investigations would indicate that from my local cabinet, which was the first enabled in the project, a less than 50% can get superfast, what I can't work out is actually how low it is, it might be only 25%.
Posted by WWWombat 9 months ago
The answer to the question is everyone: Where money is spent, it is by definition only handed over for properties that subsequently get superfast speeds.

Oh, of course not everyone connected to the cab can get superfast speeds. But no money gets handed over for them.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
@burble and the cabinet/exchange is?

As for the lies the postcodes comprising this data are maintained by us and you can check individual ones at and report any errors if present.
Posted by burble 9 months ago
Andrew, 'lies, damn lies and statistics' is a quote.
The way the figures are presented (I also had the figures throu my letter box) and the local BDUK maps are presented in a way to give the impression that vast swathes of central beds have got superfast due to BDUK, this is actually not the case.
If I go to central beds website and punch in my post code it tells me superfast infrastructure is in place, yes it is, but it cannot supply it.
Posted by burble 9 months ago
As I say, the local cabinet can only supply superfast to approx 50% of households due the line lengths, BUT, another problem has arisen, all the slots are now taken, those that might have been able to get superfast and didn't get in quick enough cannot now get it, so the maximum figure for households that get superfast due to BDUK is 50% but this is lower due to those like myself on a slower line.
Posted by burble 9 months ago
I'm not sure anyone actually knows the true figures for households getting superfast due to BDUK on our local cabinet, but a best guess will be somewhere between 25 and 50%, looks pretty naf compared to a headline figure of 92.1%
Posted by Blackmamba 9 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
Just checked some post codes and found the new format where it is possible to find a post code registering low results or incorrect under Red Yellow Green system by just toggling between options.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
@Burble Are you aware that the figures in this article are independent of BDUK and the local council, and if anything if we were able to demonstrate that projects were not delivering that we would be (i.e. more news space from saying something has failed than worked).

So I'll say again which exchange and cabinet?

If OUR figures are on a leaflet through the letterbox would be interested in seeing a copy to ensure we have been given attribution.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
Processing finished now, but when looking at the cabinets the project said it was enabling we see 99.2% passed by something and 93% we believe getting a superfast speed from the gap-funded roll-out.
Posted by burble 9 months ago
Andrew maybe I should apolagise, maybe they are not your figures, but very similar, it just seemed more than coincidental that I've just had the local councils leaflet throu the door praising their own efforts, it was thrown in the bin with disgust.
But my point still stands, at Shefford cabinet 11 less than 50% of households can get superfast.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
On Shefford cabinet 11 yes would agree, roughly half the postcodes are not superfast. Our analysis of the cabinets declared as part of the project suggests that across the whole project it is 7% not getting superfast from the roll-out.

The key now will be whether the next phase delivers an infill cabinet for Southill, something that happens sometimes.
Posted by burble 9 months ago
At the moment nothing is planned for Southill, I think the plan was that 2mb was available so nothing else needed doing, two things have thrown a spanner in the works re this, first is there is no more FTTC avalable all slots are full, second is the newer 10mb USO.
It might have come under a subsidised satellite service, but most households are listed, in a consevation area and the landlord doesn't allow dishes.
Posted by gallafent 9 months ago
@burble you probably already know about the “second project” checker here: — but if not, try your postcode there! My parents' was just listed as “already 2Mb/s” in the “first project”, but is now pencilled in for an upgrade during phase four of the “second project”. (Not Southill, elsewhere, but worth a look?)
Posted by JayUU 9 months ago
CBC say Phase 1 is now completed, and they're into Phase 2. Sadly, according to their Postcode Checker we come into Phase 4 over here in the west of the county, and that looks like Q3/4 2019, by which time the Hockliffe exchange will no doubt be "full" and we'll have to remain on adsl2+ which gives 1.3Mb/s to much of the village.
Posted by rippedcotton 9 months ago
I'm one of the fortunate ones on Wilstead Cab 5 who gets north of 75Mbps so I can't complain much.

What I have noticed is that in the last month or so I have seen Openreach vans parked up by the fibre cabinets in 3 separate places, cabinet doors were open. That suggests to me that extra line cards are being installed, these cabinets went live anything up to 15 months ago. If there are people unable to order due to full usage of line cards then it means that this is being fixed at a greater than zero rate.
Posted by shirville 9 months ago
We only have about 50% of those connected by FTTC to new cabs 18 and 19 Woburn Sands exchange SMWS actually getting over 20Megs down. The atcual rates are getting slower each day and the upload speed is now only around 1Meg. ie not much better than the ADSL 2 line was. The cabinets are only 1 metre from teh exchange and the line length is more than 1.5kms. We told/asked/suggested that it was going to be a wasted effort for 50% but they didnt listen of can we try to encourage the powers that be to provide FTTdp to us up the hill!
Posted by WWWombat 8 months ago
Looking at Codelook, the postcode coverage for cabs 18 and 19 shows that both firmly cover the majority of the centre, west and south-west of Woburn Sands itself - totalling just over 1,000 premises.

Cabs located at the exchange look reasonably placed to deal with the various routes that spread out from the one location.

Codelook reckons on 7 postcodes out of 119 (ie 6%) being further out than the 1.2km threshold than generally brings superfast speeds.

Are you sure your 50% is being applied to the full set of properties considered for these two cabs?
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