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Ofcom release broadband complaint data for Q1 2016
Friday 08 July 2016 15:47:29 by John Hunt

EE are still receiving the highest number of complaints about broadband customers according to data compiled by Ofcom. The data compiled covers Q1 2016 (January to March) and includes complaints from consumers received by the regulator. It doesn't however include complaints that have been made directly to the provider or to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) schemes. Although different providers record the number of subscribers in different ways, Ofcom have checked the data to ensure it is accurate to provide useful comparison data for consumers.

The last two years of data, between Q2 2014 and Q1 2016, is displayed in the graph below.

Click image for full size version

As can be seen, EE clearly have improved over time but still have a long way to go to get their broadband complaints down to the levels seen by Virgin Media and Sky who receive a lot less per 100,000 connections. With EE now joining Plusnet as within the BT family, there is obviously work to be done to get things improved.


Posted by gsmlnx 10 months ago
So 3 of the 4 companies with the worst complaints record are owned by BT plc. Food for thought.
Posted by bartman007 10 months ago
5 of the 6 are on the OR backbone....duh
Posted by baby_frogmella 10 months ago
Sky/TT/VM have their own backhaul from exchange onwards, so that should read 3 out of 6 :)
Posted by Blackmamba 10 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
I am under the impression it is the responsibility of the individual ISP to clear faults and complaints using a docket recording system thus identity the good and the bad and not high lighting Openreach all the time.
Posted by Blackmamba 10 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
Just received EMail from BT infinity been upgraded on Speed and capacity in the cloud G100 plus quicker fault clearance at the same price ( 5 upgrades ) in Total so it looks like OFCOM has made a difference just hope the other ISP,s respond.
Posted by reidofloch 9 months ago
Plusnet have reduced speeds considerably in the last week or so. Fed up complaining to them.
Posted by townman 9 months ago
@Blackmamba, Given Openreach provide the same exchange to premises infrastructure for many of the ISPs it is appropriate that Openreach receive the blame all of the time. They are hopeless - even their own staff admit it.
Posted by Blackmamba 9 months ago
Hi Townman.
The service that the customer receives is in the hands and is the responsibility of the appropriate ISP that the customer contract is with. The customer pays their ISP not ( Openreach )so change your ISP if you are not satisfied.
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