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Openreach announce superfast broadband expansion in Swindon
Thursday 30 June 2016 17:29:28 by Andrew Ferguson

Swindon Council may have chosen a fixed wireless 4G solution to boost the superfast broadband coverage of the area but the UK's two main fixed line broadband providers have now both announced their expansion plans to coverage thousands of premises in the North Swindon area.

Virgin Media announced as part of its commercial roll-out an expansion in Swindon a short while ago and now Openreach has formally declared its plans to roll-out VDSL2 and FTTP to another 6,500 premises in the Priory Vale area.

Openreach has been looking at the viability of FTTP for areas like the new build estates of Swindon with their winding narrow residential streets with a trial reaching around 500 premises (hence the 0.52% Openreach FTTP coverage in Swindon already) in two areas, the new roll-out is set to expand this to 1,000 premises. The other 5,500 premises will see superfast broadband delivered by VDSL2.

"This is a fantastic and vital announcement.

For years I’ve worked with fellow local residents to push for access to superfast fibre broadband and we know from the successful pilots, demand will be very, very strong. It is a credit to BT that they have worked with us to deliver this solution, a real welcome boost to our local community.

Justin Tomlinson MP

Until the roll-outs from Virgin Media and Openreach are complete we won't know the full effect on the area but fixed line superfast broadband coverage looks likely to be in the 84% to 90% range once the roll-outs finish. This is still short of the 99.4% coverage that the Superfast Swindon 4G LTE masts should provide and once we see enough tests to get a good idea of what the 4G LTE service provides in the area we will add that coverage to our coverage figures, in the same way that we tracked VDSL2 performance for some time before settling on our current model.

For those wondering about the Openreach FTTP trials and what the changes in FTTP deployment mean, the Openreach press release is talking of FTTP as being a single 2 hour appointment now for the final connecting up of the fibre from just outside the property to inside, rather than the previous two visits needed totalling around 7 hours.


Posted by comnut 9 months ago
Posted by Swindon_Villan 9 months ago
Received this from Openreach...good start..!!!!

You’re connected to Exchange Name: HAYDON WICK

I’m really sorry but having investigated our network data, we’re not currently able to supply you with a fibre service from our existing network. Unfortunately your property isn’t currently included in the fibre roll-out because after our initial survey, it was established that Openreach would not be able to upgrade this cabinet at this moment in time because a viable solution could not be found
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
@comnut What numbers?
Posted by Blackmamba 9 months ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
As thinkbroadband Maps have been revamped the overview for FTTP see the the required layer (tile) gives a good status for today on the post codes this also provides information to all ISP,s and customers.
Posted by ZenUser27 9 months ago
Funny how this comes days after VM announced the same. Maybe you will get there service Villan?
Posted by CarlThomas 9 months ago
Mamba, ISPs aren't going to be using Think Broadband's maps for that, they'll use the Openreach database.
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
LOL what numbers do you THINK are always involved with broadband???
Posted by Blackmamba 9 months ago
Hi Carl.
If the ISP do not use the information on TBB maps they will be missing vital information for their customers so turn out to be losers in this conpetitive market this also applies to MP.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
@comnut There are lots of numbers involved, but at a guess the packages will be up to 38 Mbps, up to 55 Mbps and up to 76 Mbps for VDSL2 and the FTTP option will be those plus the up to 200 Mbps and up to 300 Mbps options too.
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
well at least you answer that in the next one! :)
Posted by fastman 9 months ago
villan that be the case today it might not be the case one the premise build is complete
Posted by fastman 9 months ago
Blackmamba Ips'do not need TBB maps they have the actual infiormation direct from the operator
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