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NOW TV Combo bundles to launch in July
Wednesday 29 June 2016 14:41:40 by John Hunt

NOW TV (from Sky) have announced today Combo packages which are to launch in July offering Broadband, Calls and NOW TV monthly passes at a reduced bundled price with no contract term. This gives people who want to watch Sky TV an alternative option without having to sign up to a traditional TV service, but being able to benefit from bundled pricing which generally offers better value for money. Previously NOW TV passes were only available as a separate standalone product.

The new Combo option starts at £9.99 per month for broadband and the NOW TV Entertainment pass, with line rental required at £17.99 per month, the total being £27.98 per month. The broadband is priced out separately at £8, offering a saving of £5 per month if taking the Combo option. Users will have the choice of "Brilliant Broadband" offering speeds up to 17meg, "Fab Fibre" up to 38meg and "Super Fibre" - 76meg, each costing more - £37.98/month for Fab Fibre Combo and £42.98/month for Super Fibre Combo. The Combos are to launch with special offer pricing across all packages, although it's not clear if the above is the standard or special offer.

One interesting aspect is that there is no minimum contract term, although a saver option is available removing the setup fee (£40 for broadband, £50 for fibre broadband) in lieu for a 12month minimum term on the broadband and line rental. Call packages are available for £4/month (evening and weekend) or £8/month (anytime calls). A NOW TV Smart Box (retail price £39.99) will be provided along with a NOW TV Hub (likely a re-branded Sky Hub). No additional charges are applied for new line installs. The new NOW TV Smart Box will also link up to a terrestrial TV aerial allowing you to watch the standard Freeview mix of channels and pause live TV for up to 30 minutes, as well as providing the terrestrial catch-up services.

Line rental at £17.99 is higher than Sky currently charge, but this may be a hint at what Sky might increase their line rental charge to in coming months.


Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
I think I will stay with my little now TV box and my own choice of broadband provider. It is ok if that is what you want. i do not want live TV, in fact I wish I could get rid of it from the now TV box.
Posted by nadger 10 months ago
I've been testing new smart box for several months.Picture quality is good and HD tuner works well with indoor aerial in spare bedroom.
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
@nadger, the problem is now TV still streams in 720p, so no point in having a higher quality box. Is the box still basked on a Roku?
Posted by nadger 10 months ago
@zyborg47 I was hoping Now would improve to 1080 with all the other hype. Box is made by Roku and looks like 4 that's not available here. It's also now 50Hz which will please some people. Box has no record facility but one can now pause live transmissions of Sky channels and Freeview. Personally I'm a Freesat fan ( Humax HD) but one can see why Sky wouldn't supply box that did that
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
@nadger, I have seen some more info about it, it is ok if you want a box for Freeview HD, if like me your TV do not have a HD tuner. I will stick with my black now TV box. I have seen the prices of the bundle and the savings are pretty limited to be honest. Anyway I can push the little box out of sight almost. I am cancelling my Tv licence again anyway, so no live channels for me.
Posted by ian72 10 months ago
@zyborg If you were signing up for any of the NowTV packages wouldn't you need a TV license anyway as all of them have some live streaming content?
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
You are right in that you need a TV licence to watch live Tv, but all I have to do is the same as last time, just do not watch live TV, which I don't anyway. It been weeks since i watched live TV.
Posted by mlmclaren 10 months ago
Well apparently these have been launched for 3 days now, but I'm yet to find them...

@zyborg47 - The new smart box is based on Roku 4 (US Only) and seems to have a lot of tricks up its sleeve that its yet to have enabled.... A lot of potential.
Posted by mlmclaren 10 months ago
ooo found em.
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