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Relish broadband hit out at hidden cease charges
Friday 24 June 2016 17:00:54 by John Hunt

A light hearted story (but with a serious message) to end the week.. Relish Broadband have taken to a Soho coffee shop to point out the pitfalls of broadband contracts that feature hidden price hikes or costs and advertise the fact that they do not have any hidden fees in the small print for those who use its services.

Exit or early termination fees, such as the £30 fee to cancel the 'coffee contract' feature in this video have become the latest weapon of many utility providers, including broadband, to try and dissuade people from switching their contract within the minimum term. For broadband, a cease charge is due if you terminate your service. This is a charge levied by Openreach at approximately £30 to cover the costs of disconnecting a line and updating records. If you use a migration path then a cease charge shouldn't usually be due but if you terminate as you are moving home then the cease charge would be due.

Broadband providers also usually charge a monthly fee for ending a contract inside the minimum term, and this may also include a proportion of line rental charges, sometimes at a reduced rate. BT's Broadband early termination fees (valid from 3rd July) can be seen here, and for example for Unlimited BT Infinity 1 broadband + Weekend Calls is £18.75 per month plus £8.50 per month for line rental termination. The £31 cease charge is also due if you terminate the line. These charges can easily add up as they are valid for the remaining months on your contract.

What Relish don't point out in the video is that if you sign to one of their 12-month contracts and cancel after a few months, you would have to pay the remainder of the contract off as you would with BT. Their 1-month options (where available) wouldn't include these extra charges.


Posted by 961a 9 months ago
Looking at BT charges for early termination, how can it be that the charge to terminate can be higher than the actualmonthly charge?
Posted by comnut 9 months ago
the termination charge is worked out on how many months you have left in the contract... (do try reading the article... :)
Posted by 961a 9 months ago
Unlimited anytime calls early termination fee £13.75 per month left on contract

Unlimited anytime calls, 12 month contract, £8.50 per month

Snide comment unwelcome
Posted by richardbwe 9 months ago
Why is Openreach able to get away with making a "cease" charge if you move house after having paid line rental and broadband charges for years? It's like Tesco asking me to pay if I stop using them and cancel my Clubcard!
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
@richardbwe they would argue its the cost of getting someone to disconnect the line, update systems etc. There is obviously an argument that leaving it connected might be more useful to the next occupant, but Openreach have no knowledge if it will ever be reconnected, or how soon, and it is therefore using resources that could be used by other customers from the cabinet.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) 9 months ago
Also, with the historic incompleteness that exists in the Openreach database, its probably a good thing that data is updated. When ordering a new line you're never sure how long its going to take, or if capacity exists to provide it. This also applies to the line into your home as there is no certainty that more than one pair is available if you want a second line for example.
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