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ISPA announce nominations for Internet Hero and Villain awards
Tuesday 14 June 2016 09:39:31 by Andrew Ferguson

The public and industry had its chance to suggest who the ISPA Council should consider for the Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards and the nominations are now ready to be announced with the winners announced on 7th July 2016.

"The Internet Hero and Villain awards go to those who have helped or hindered the Internet industry. These nominations, many from the public, reflect the importance of privacy, cyber security and great broadband and the work many MPs have done scrutinising the Investigatory Powers Bill. These awards are light-hearted in nature, but do contain a serious point, and I look forward to finding out who won in July."

ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman

The Hero and Villain awards were dominated by MPs last year with David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP jointly winning the Internet Hero award and Home Secretary Theresa May MP acquiring the Internet Villain trophy. The nominations for 2016 are:

  • 2016 Internet Hero Shortlist
    • Nicola Blackwood MP – For her Committee’s report into the Investigatory Powers Bill, which contained sensible recommendations around encryption, equipment interference and a commitment to full cost recovery, to limit the Bill’s impact on the tech sector
    • Jo Cherry QC MP & Sir Keir Starmer QC MP – For their continued scrutiny of the Investigatory Powers Bill as the legislation passes through Parliament at a fast pace

    • Apple – For defending the fundamental principle of encryption and customer privacy
    • Andrew Ferguson, Editor thinkbroadband – for editing an invaluable resource that explains and maps out broadband for consumers
    • Web Foundation – For working to extend the basic right of connectivity to the 60% of the global population unable to connect and benefit from the online world
  • 2016 Internet Villain Shortlist
    • Donald Trump – For calling on industry to ‘close’ parts of the Internet
    • Mossack Fonseca – For demonstrating poor cyber security practices
    • The FBI – For attempting to undermine security by compelling technology companies to bypass existing security features
    • ‘The Internet Troll’ – For overstepping the bounds of free speech, threatening the principle of an Internet for all
    • TCYK LLP – For its heavy-handed ‘speculative invoicing’ campaign aimed at alleged copyright infringers


Posted by timandhaylea 11 months ago
Congratulations on being shortlisted, Andrew.
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Yes - well done Ed
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