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Bellville House residents finally get VDSL2 after lots of hard work
Monday 13 June 2016 10:23:42 by Andrew Ferguson

Privately gap funded solutions are growing in popularity particularly in London where for a long time the commercial roll-out by Openreach appeared to be on hold, but that has started to change, combined with some groups of residents getting together to fund solutions.

Bellville House in Greenwich is a new development where leaseholders raised around £20,000 to gap fund the installation of VDSL2 hardware to provider superfast broadband to residents via a new cabinet 66. In itself this is nothing too unusual, as every month sees a couple of privately funded cabinets going live, Bellville House is slightly different in that the cabinet is located in the apartment block and that it took three years from start to finish with wayleaves being the biggest stumbling block. The usual quote from Openreach for those going down the community fibre route is around 12 months.

Interestingly we also understand that Hyperoptic will very shortly be bringing its Gigabit broadband service to the flats, giving residents even more choice.

The plethora of choice will seem very galling for residents in areas like Rotherhithe where masses of people are on exchange only lines, but we are seeing some new apartments in that area getting FTTP and if freeholders can be got on-board then the potential for retro-fitting becomes more realistic.


Posted by gashob 11 months ago
if they paid £20,000 to get the hardware for BT do they then get a discount on their broadband cost?
Posted by lee111s 11 months ago
No they don't.
Posted by gashob 11 months ago
seems unfair to me. what is stopping bt from doing this everywhere and getting customers to buy all the hardware for them?
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
Because the contract is direct with Openreach and therefore is open to all service providers that offer FTTC
Posted by chaz6 11 months ago
If I was paying for it myself I wouldn't go with Openreach I'd get a proper independent fttp install done!
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
cHAZ6 that's why it Fibre to the Basement so no work between the Basement and the flats, and no internal disruption -- that's pretty important A to get choice !!!! and not cause disruption or damage in the building
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
Cazz6 such as who and what choice would you get ?
Posted by gerarda 11 months ago
What choice do you get with Openreach? The ISPs can't increase the speed of the line, choose an alternative supplier to repair faults.
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
Gerada - all these premises are inexcess of 50 m/bps at an Openreach level as dp is in basement of the block of flats
Posted by CarlThomas 11 months ago
Gerarda - if you could find me any provider of a broadband network in the UK or anywhere else that will allow you to pay alternative providers to fix issues on their data network that'd be great.

Also, operators that let others set speeds as they see fit rather than paying for tiers on bitstream networks would be grand.
Posted by gerarda 11 months ago
I am not suggesting there are any just that there are very great restrictions to fastman's oft repeated statement that openreach offers people a choice.
Posted by CarlThomas 11 months ago
At the network level it doesn't, however it does at the wholesale and retail level.

Is network-level the only thing that classes as 'choice' in your mind?

Can only feel sorry for those in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, etc, where much of the broadband is delivered via a single network - Singapore's NBN, Japan via NTT's Flets service, South Korea's joint-venture public-private partnership.

These are places renowned for their poor broadband, right?
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
Gerada -- I would expect that in excess of 90% of your normal every day user -- those people that actually buy the service want choice at the wholesale and retail level. as that enables you to change your provider and bundle
Posted by gerarda 11 months ago
I would expect that 90% of the issues a normal every day user has relate to faults and speed none of which can be solved by changing provider or bundle.

Its effectively the same as choice on the rail network. Your train company cannot prevent you being late twice a week because Network Rail haven't done their job properly.
Posted by gerarda 11 months ago
A choice between an Openreach provided service, Virgin and say Hyperoptic is a real choice of provider. A choice restricted to only Openreach resellers is a limited choice.
Posted by fastman 11 months ago
Gerada I am looking forward to hearing about your investment plans for investing in your own network !!!
Posted by alanstott 10 months ago
Reason for Openreach going in first is to give residents open choice to the wholesale market... ie: Talk Talk, Sky, BT etc. that some residents want for packaged options (mobile / tv / landline / broadband).
Then Hyperoptic can come in and run alongside for people who want superfast gigabit internet only.
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