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Need more mobile data? EE has a 5GB for the price of 2GB offer
Wednesday 01 June 2016 13:56:01 by Andrew Ferguson

EE may be part of the BT Group now but that has not put a stop to the offers and one of the latest is a £17.99 per month SIM Only plan that gives you 5GB of double speed 4G data instead of the usual 2GB per month. The SIM includes unlimited texts and unlimited call minutes and is based on a 12 month contract.

The offer is open to existing EE customers, but an extra incentive for people to join EE is that you can claim a £40 Amazon Gift Card. The offer runs until the end of 14th June 2016.


Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz 10 months ago
Or pay £2 more and get unlimited...
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
That is if you can get a signal and EE here is flipping useless, I thought things might have changed when Orange and T-mobile joined, but it seemed to have got worse and I am not even on EE, it is other people who call me that are on EE that have the problem.
Posted by baby_frogmella 10 months ago
Are you EVER happy with any broadband or mobile provider? BT, TT, PN, VM, Sky, EE, O2, Three, Vodafone, Zen, AAISP, Xilo, Pulse8 etc all seem to be in your bad books. I'm sure all of use can find someone who happens to be our neighbours best friends mates daughters grandma who aint happy with one of the above providers.
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
Never used most of them you said above and do not know people who uses some of them. AAISP, I have no idea what you mean, Xilo pulse 8, maybe you are imagining things. VM. Maybe it is because you use Talk Talk, they do strange things to you.
I talk to people that uses EE on the phone, they do not tell me it is bad I can tell because they break up so much. It do not happen when I talk to people who are on Vodafone or O2. Understand now? Oh good grief.
Posted by wtfnub 10 months ago
EE mobile phone broadband is excellent if you ask me, I got bumped upto the 16gig package for 19 quid a month and its getting speeds that is 70-84mbit down and roughly 35mbit up, it beats my fttc 60 down and 15 up connection in speed tests all the time.
Posted by mpellatt 10 months ago
No indoor signal here on the edge of (but still within) London's urban area. And 200m from the M25. That's the trouble with 1800MHz.
Posted by ukhardy071 10 months ago
When I take calls both at home and at work, for business, I always opt to use my EE mobile over my vodafone one.

The EE one has much better call quality compared with Vodafone.

I also have 20Gb data with EE and often stream netflix on trains, yes it sometimes cuts out but it is rare.

Generally with EE I either have 3G or 4G, almost never seeing 2G.

Take for example the virgin trains east coast route to Edinburgh,, Vodafone is Edge signal for large portions, whereas EE is 3G and 4G almost the whole route.
Posted by ukhardy071 10 months ago
Also if you do not have signal at home, EE have WiFi calling.

I personally use EE WiFi calling, and have VOLTE enabled. I can roam seamlessly between WiFi calling and the 4G network. It is crystal clear HD quality calling. I understand that VOLTE is not enabled all over the UK yet but in London it is really good.

For the record, I have signal at home but still opt to use EE WiFi Calling - why not?!
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
@ukhardy071, I know someone who uses Wi-fi calling, It worked ok with AOL and then they went with BT last year and it went to pot. I worked out that it was the dual band router that was the problem, so I disabled the 5Ghz part and all is now well. they live in the sticks and mobile signal out there is not great, even Vodafone is a bit hit and miss there.
Posted by ukhardy071 10 months ago
Yep it's not really the dual band that is the issue though...

It is because on BT the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSIDs are named the same. So as you walk around the property you are constantly switching between 2.4 and 5Ghz WiFi. If you are using WiFi calling, as you walk the house, whenever the band switches the call drops out.

Often being in one position devices will switch the band.

The fix here is to name the network BTHub5-XXXX-5G and BTHub5-XXXX-2G as an example, then connect devices to only one of the bands as desired.
Posted by zyborg47 10 months ago
@ukhardy071, i done that, made no difference what so ever. Even my next door neighbour had problem with the homehub 5, in that no phones or tablets apart from mine funny enough would stay connected, done the separation on theirs as well and it still did not work. Gave up with my neighbours, we went back to the home hub 4 and the the BTOR modem.
Posted by ukhardy071 10 months ago
@zyborg47 I have both homehub type A and B.

There are issues do not get me wrong although I have iPhone 4, 5 and 6s (all with wifi calling enabled), iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, sky boxes, apple TVs, two games consoles, smart TVs, chromecasts (both normal and audio), printers, laptops Windows and Mac and even a lightbulb on the wifi.

I use a mix of 5ghz and 2.4 without any issues connecting or dropping out but there are slowdowns on the wireless 5Ghz band on both type a and b in my home.
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