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TalkTalk broadband offer and standard price changes
Friday 27 May 2016 10:21:44 by Andrew Ferguson

The last round of £100 Love2Shop vouchers at TalkTalk may have now left and in their wake there is a rise in the outside contract price for Simply Broadband and Totally Unlimited Fibre with respective standard pricing of £9.50/month and £19.50/month. Pricing for UFO service and TV products appears unchanged.

The rises appear to only apply to new customers, but may reflect a change in strategy to increase broadband price rather than the last few years of increasing line rental. We are already listing combined pricing for TalkTalk products so it makes little difference which strategy is used and later in 2016 TalkTalk is expected to do the same ahead of new advertising rule changes.

The impact on the FTTC based service is softened by a better price offer that applies for the 18 month minimum term contract of £5/m for broadband plus the £17.70/m line rental (up to 38 Mbps download, up to 2 Mbps upload speeds) and if you remain after the 18 months the standard broadband price of £19.50/m kicks in.

For those only able to get the LLU ADSL2+ service or find that fast enough the existing free broadband for 18 months plus £17.70/m line rental offer applies.

A big thing that can hold people back from switching and chasing the offers at the end of the minimum term is the set-up or activation fees, TalkTalk have a fibre set-up fee of £50 (an offer appears to mean it is £25 currently), Sky is £39 (just gone up) for new customers and existing customers pay £50 and BT Infinity 1 carries a £49 activation fee. The savvy shopper trick is to use the various vouchers to offset the one off costs.

Update Saturday 28th May There are questions over what the real pricing for the TalkTalk services is, and we have looked at most of the other listing sites and they agree with our deduction from communications about price changes and graphics and text on TalkTalk website. The disparity arises when products are added to the shopping basket as and emails have been sent seeking clarification.


Posted by Apilar 11 months ago
Please check again. £5 a month for 12 months,
then £17.50 a month for 6 months
+ £17.70 monthly line rental
Posted by rg1500 11 months ago
Article all wrong. The standard prices have not gone up. And the Fibre Medium offer is not £5/m broadband for 18 mths, but £5/m for 12 mths + £12.50/m for 6 mths.
Posted by rg1500 11 months ago
And fibre connection fee offer is £25 not £50.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
Following the link in the article, I actually see £19.50 crossed out and £5/month for 18 months on Totally Unlimited Fibre broadband.

There is an anomaly as in some places they say the standard price is £17.50, so have played it safe and taken the higher £19.50.

Found the connection offer, by starting an order journey and standard price is £50 on offer at £25 so will update that part and chase TalkTalk over the standard pricing.

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
Okay update after just a couple of minutes, another refresh of the TalkTalk page reached via our link shows £19.50/m as standard fibre price in both locations now.

Of course other adverts/sites/links may have different offers or not have updated yet.
Posted by rg1500 11 months ago
No, you are still wrong. Other adverts/sites/links are correct. The standard prices are unchanged at £7.50/m for Simply Broadband and £17.50/m for Fibre Medium. And the Fibre Medium offer is not £5/m broadband for 18 mths, but £5/m for 12 mths + £12.50/m for 6 mths.

The £19.50/£9.50 prices come from adding on SuperSafe Boost at £2/mth which is included free in the fibre offer. But the headline ads are misleading, yes.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
We received notification of a price rise for the Simply product, and while yes can see its saying AV included. Can you find and share a URL that shows the services without the AV package. On an order journey can see no way of removing the SPECIAL OFFER! Anti-virus protection powered by F-secure for 8 devices
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
Have also looked at other sites and they show pricing that agrees with ours.
Posted by rg1500 11 months ago
Why keep ignoring: "the Fibre Medium offer is not £5/m broadband for 18 mths, but £5/m for 12 mths + £12.50/m for 6 mths".

As for SuperSafe Boost being optional, you yourself have shared your own referral link! Go half-way down the page and start an order for SimplyBroadband - it allows you to remove the boost and see that the standard prices are indeed unchanged, like-for-like.

If you (or TalkTalk) want to call the "standard" prices as including SuperSafeBoost, then that's fair enough, but note that the real prices with or without this option have not changed after the minimum term.
Posted by burakkucat 11 months ago
"there is a wise in the outside" ???

Perhaps the word "wise" should be replaced by "rise".
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
Not ignoring, have tried your suggested journey and get SimplyBroadband Free for 12 months Fibre Medium £10 £5.00
£5.00 off for 18 months which contradicts other order journeys and its same product even says 'SPECIAL OFFER! Anti-virus protection powered by F-secure for 8 devices'

The messaging on the TalkTalk website is broken i.e. they are offering one thing that seems to be different once in a basket.
Posted by rg1500 11 months ago
"The messaging is broken" - yes you have already been told that the headline ad is misleading. The point is are you going to acknowledge the true prices?

There is no contradiction - all order journeys from your referral link lead to Fibre Medium = £5/m for 12 mths + £12.50/m for 6 mths. This is what the terms say and what the basket says, perfect agreement. Yes or No?

SuperSafe Boost is optional once any deal including it is up, and it is optional if you order SimplyBroadband via your referral link, and this confirms the standard prices like-for-like are unchanged. Yes or No?
Posted by Groovehound 11 months ago
This is TalkTalk. Who cares how much it costs; it's a turd, you can't polish it! My ex-GF is still only getting 10-18Mbps on an 'upgrade' to 'Fibre' as blatantly-fake since it hasn't ONCE gone over ADSL2 speeds, barely over ADSL Max 'compensation'. For TalkTalk's incompetence! After her data (possibly) got hacked along with all the others'.
Posted by Groovehound 11 months ago
Note: this is in central Brixton, in London. The exchange is about 500m away at most. The cabinet far less.
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