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£75, £100 and £125 rewards available on various broadband services
Thursday 19 May 2016 14:06:17 by Andrew Ferguson

The latest offers are now live on our broadband offers page and BT has its BT Reward Cards running again until Wednesday 25th May with a value of £75 on the ADSL2+ range and £125 on any of the Infinity products.

TalkTalk also has its Love2Shop vouchers with a value of £100 running across its product range and is only available to those who migrate onto the TalkTalk service. The highlight is probably the 18 months of ADSL2+ broadband for £17.70 per month (price includes free broadband and £17.70/m line rental).

Our offers page now shows a single price in the offer summary, with the respective split between broadband cost and line rental broken out in the body of the offer. Where an offer ends part way through the minimum term we do indicate the monthly price after the initial offer has expired too. Our main provider listings for packages where line rental and broadband are bundled have included the combined price for some time and if we describe a package as broadband-only there is no requirement for a voice line rental component.

Update Friday 20th May A strong week for offers, as Virgin Media has a flash sale on its Big Kahuna and VIP packages with a free Pure Jongo T6X wireless speaker (RRP £199) and ten free album downloads. Plusnet has added £50 cashback to its 12 months free ADSL2+ broadband (£16.99/m line rental to pay) and finally Sky has added a £100 M&S e-Voucher to its Sky Fibre Unlimited package which is £10/m for 12 months plus the £17.40/m line rental (broadband rises to £20/m after the 12 month contract ends).


Posted by Oldjim 10 months ago
Why don't you show SSE which seems to be the cheapest by far
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 10 months ago
The offers page is a much shorter snapshot compared to the main provider listings, where SSE is listed. A quick peek suggests there is an update to do to reflect their current offers - any clue when those expire?
Posted by Oldjim 10 months ago
14th November 2016
Posted by Kebabselector 10 months ago
SSE don't appear to have a product under £21 - which doesn't appear to make it cheaper compared to TalkTalk or Plusnet at the moment
Posted by gsmlnx 10 months ago

You need to compare like with like (add in the line rental)

SEE Ultrafast 80Mbps total per month £21 (12 month contract)

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra (80Mbps) total per month £26.99 for 1st 6 months then £36.99 for the next 12 months)

So SEE is massively cheaper and a shorter contract too.
Posted by gsmlnx 10 months ago
Sorry meant SSE of course not SEE
Posted by Kebabselector 10 months ago
@gsminx I was comparing ADSL services. I have no interest in Fibre offerings (thanks to Openreach!!)
Posted by chefbyte 10 months ago
Wonder if I upgrade to Infinity 2 from 1 they would give me a card LOL knowing my luck nope
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