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Sky making VDSL2 up to 38 Mbps services cheaper
Friday 15 April 2016 15:56:17 by Andrew Ferguson

Sky has re-jigged its VDSL/FTTC fibre product pricing for new customers, with the broadband element of the entry level 25GB monthly usage allowance version available for free in the first year once you pay the £17.40 per month line rental. For those embracing the world of big downloads and video streaming the unlimited product may be a better option which is on offer for £10/m for 12 months plus the £17.40/m line rental.

Both products are based around the up to 38 Mbps download and up to 9.5 Mbps upload VDSL2 service and carry a 12 month contract. An activation fee of £35 may apply. Standard price for the 25GB service is £10/month and the unlimited service is £20/month plus the line rental at £17.40/month.

In Fibre to the Home news, Sky has started promoting its FTTH service in York, with the entry level service at £10/m plus £17.40/m line rental with a guaranteed 50 Mbps download speed - though the guarantee only applies to the router and has caveats to guard against the times when people get a slow down because the web site host is slow etc.


Posted by tommy45 12 months ago
"25GB monthly usage allowance version available for free in the first year once you pay the £17.40 per month line rental"

So it isn't FREE then really as you cannot access that service without paying a rip off line rental fee
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
Added 'broadband element' to ensure no misinterpretation possible.
Posted by WWWombat 12 months ago
The FTTC prices (of free/£10 plus LR) are for the first year, but what do they become afterwards?

Is the FTTH price similar? Does it go up after 12 months?
Posted by zyborg47 12 months ago
Sky really need to improve their router, the Ethernet is still on the slow side, time to update Sky or make it easier for people to use a different router.
Not for me as I am not with Sky, but someone I know who is keep complaining about the Ethernet
Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz 12 months ago

100Mbps not enough?
Posted by zyborg47 12 months ago
That is slower than my wireless, a lot of routers now is 1Gb.
Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz 12 months ago

Your internet connection is above 100Mbps?
Posted by acpsd775 12 months ago
@zyborg47 the sky q hub (which lets face it sky will replace the standard hub with soon) has wireless AC and Gbit ethernet
Posted by bcuser 11 months ago
Don't mix up different things....
100Mbps is the Link access rate of the Local Ethernet side.
(i) NOT the data throughput rate of the interface,
(ii)NOR the data throughput from Ethernet Interface to Internet Interface.

ie To Load up a 38Mbs circuit, you would need a Router capable of :-
A Capturing via Ethernet (or Wifi) and
B Placing the data packets onto the exit (internet-facing) interface at 38Mbs,
C Receive the inbound data, and placing resultant data back onto the Source interface, (Ethernet or Wifi)

Posted by bcuser 11 months ago
Example :- If Router can only process 15Mbs throughput,
then it matters little the local mediums (Ethernet or Wifi) or the Access circuit speed (38Mbs) as the Router cannot utilise either the inbound or outbound mediums.

Throughput would be bound by the limitations of the Router capabilities...
Posted by bcuser 11 months ago
So...I would vote for Zyborgs & Acpsd's point-of-view
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