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Openreach to trial 18/2 Mbps service aimed at slow ADSL lines
Friday 15 April 2016 15:06:31 by Andrew Ferguson

One of the many complaints since rate adaptive DSL products appeared on the market globally is 'why should I pay the same price as someone getting a lot faster?' Well a new trial Openreach is set to trial whether people are willing to pay a little more to get a better speed than now but not get the full speed benefits of VDSL2.

The trial is set to run from June to December 2016 is based around an 18 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload connection speed profile and will only be made available on lines and cabinets that Openreach profiles as offering a slow ADSL service. In short it will provide a cost effective way for those who want to stream SD and HD video but without the full £10 to £20/month premium that the standard pricing of VDSL2 commands. The trial is looking at an annual price of £48+VAT (£4/m + VAT), and lines signed up during the trial will continue with this price point even after the trial ends.

No idea which retail providers are taking part yet, and no detail on which cabinets are involved though providers should be finding out very soon according to the briefing.

Whether the 18/2 service will remain up for sale after December 2016 will clearly depend on the demand during the trial, but as a way of increasing take-up in areas where cost of service has been a key decision driver for people it should help drive take-up. With the continuing focus on people only paying for what they receive if Openreach was to shift to a full-time portfolio of 18/2, 40/2, 40/10, 55/10 and 80/20 products this would go a long way to addressing complaints from those who feel they are paying over the odds while not seeing the advertised speed.


Posted by Michael_Chare about 1 year ago
I wonder what will be deemed a slow ADSL service. Could all lines connected to an ADSL only exchange be deemed slow because ADSL2 is not available, though FTTC is?
Posted by balb0wa1973 about 1 year ago
Pretty much what i get now on fttc , well no, i get 17 down and 0.7 up ! been paying over the odds for yrs.

I wish they would crack on with gfast rather than lower the price for poor speeds.

No doubt they will put the gfast gubbins close to the cabinets at the start, so anyone further from the cab wont benefit again.
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago
The qualifying slow ADSL speed is less than 2Mbps down.

BT wholesale said they weren't taking part in the trial.
Posted by burble about 1 year ago
Well I would like to take up this offer, BUT, I was conned by BT and TalkTalk into signing up to a 18month FTTC deal which they have been unable to deliver on.
Posted by godsell4 about 1 year ago
@burble how were you conned?
Posted by Ageingted about 1 year ago
I'd be happy to see Openreach reinstate the Fibre on Demand service with 330mb both up and down.
Posted by lee111s about 1 year ago
Ageingted if it comes back, it'll be 330/30.
Posted by johnankrett about 1 year ago
Does this have any relevance to me? I am getting 5mb download 2mb upload from a FTTC connection with Zen. It would be nice to pay less, but I would prefer to pay full price for a faster connection...
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Alas John no relevance, since it will for the trial period at least only be available to specific lines on specific cabinets who are only on ADSL

For faster speeds, you will be wanting to find out when/if Long Reach VDSL or lower noise margin figures are rolled out.
Posted by burble about 1 year ago
@godsell4 I was given an estimate of 7-11Mbs, I queried this as it was higher than expected for the line length and higher than previous estimates, I was assured this figure came from experience of actual speeds for my area. My speed is now 3.2Mbs and the estimates for my area are now lower, I've since found I'm the only person at my end of village to go FTTC.
Posted by godsell4 about 1 year ago
@burble so that is not good and you should have been able to exit the contract and go back to ADSL without penalty.
Posted by godsell4 about 1 year ago
Is the list of eligible postcodes available yet? It will be intersting, assume this must apply to people that would not get great speeds on VDSL too.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
We asked on Friday and response was not for public yet. No point pestering after a gap of a few days, remind us at start of May.
Posted by godsell4 about 1 year ago
Would expect this to mostly apply to those in final 5%, properties which get low speed ADSL and would get low speed VDSL too.
Posted by burble 11 months ago
Have there been any updates?
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