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BT Infinity 1 to now offer up to 52 Mbps download speeds
Friday 15 April 2016 00:08:27 by Andrew Ferguson

The BT Infinity 1 service is changing, for new customers signing up the product will utilise the new 55/10 VDSL2 profile from Openreach. This means customers will potentially have up to 52 Mbps downloads and up to 9.5 Mbps upload speeds.

Existing customers will be able to swap from their existing up to 38 Mbps service, but this will involve re-contracting and it should be pointed out that the up to 52 Mbps will only be worth upgrading to, if you are already seeing the maximum connection speed from the existing service.

The new entry level speed point means that as people join or upgrade we should see the average speeds for BT FTTC services rise and in the advertising battle that can be all important. Another reason for the shift is that with the 52 Mbps service the product specification is more inline with the requirements of live streaming BT Sport in UltraHD - live UHD streaming is generally more demanding that pre-recorded material.

"Our research has shown that it’s what you can actually do with your broadband that matters most to consumers. We want to give them a faster speed as standard so that everyone in a household can be online at the same time and still enjoy watching their favourite YouTube or HD content without buffering or bickering over whose turn it is.The new, faster BT Infinity 1 service is about giving consumers a premium broadband experience as standard, allowing them to enjoy all the digital world has to offer."

David McDonald, director of broadband, TV and sport bundles, BT Consumer

The 55/10 service is available to other providers on the same terms from Openreach, so if it does prove popular we can expect to see more providers switching their entry level service to this tier.

The offers on the BT Infinity 1 service have just finished with their latest round of BT Reward Cards, so the Unlimited Infinity 1 service is £12.50/m + £17.99/m line rental for the 12 month contract period (price from month 13 is £25/m + £17.99/m line rental).


Posted by dparr59 12 months ago
I wonder if Plusnet will Do The Same sort of offer

Posted by David-Park 12 months ago
My feeling will be some time PlusNet will merge into BT and gone like other providers merging customers.
Posted by Fellwalker 12 months ago
Way to go BT. Great way to devalue BT Infinity 2 a couple of months after I've upgraded. Thanks.
Posted by chris6273 12 months ago
Surely if you wanted more value, you would have gone for Infinity 1? You're still getting the same speed after all
Posted by TheEulerID 12 months ago
Just about the most predictable bit of news ever given we knew about the OR product some time ago. Of course this shows one thing and that it's pretty near impossible for any company using a new OR wholesale product to spring a surprise launch as the whole development process is visible a long time in advance.
Posted by pehaw 12 months ago
Have to agree with Fellwalker. This narrows the differential between BT Infinity 1 and 2 too much, making 2 far less attractive than it used to be.
Posted by Montala 12 months ago
I am not sure how I stand on this one, as I will be receiving Infinity 1 for the first time (hopefully!) later today, and I have a new 18 month contract starting at the same time.

As I am fed virtually straight out a cabinet, I would love to be able to take advantage of the higher speed, but am not sure what I have to do to achieve this?
Posted by TheEulerID 12 months ago
I would discuss it with BT. They maight be able to move you to the new contract.
Posted by BuckleZ 12 months ago
It will require a recontract to move to the speed for existing customers
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
@BuckleZ Highlighted in 2nd paragraph of item
Posted by _Resonance_ 12 months ago
Just got off the phone with BT. According to the person I spoke to (she also checked with someone else) existing customers will automatically be upgraded to the new speeds from 29th April. Not sure if this is true or not, but she seemed pretty certain.
Posted by lee111s 12 months ago
_Resonance_ I very, very much doubt it.

Why would the insist on customers re-contracting for a period of two weeks if they're going to give it away for free? There would be hell on. It just wouldn't make business sense.
Posted by _Resonance_ 12 months ago
@lee111s Yes, does seem strange. She did check with someone else though. Maybe none of them have a clue? I phoned the retentions number, as you usually get more sense out of them I find.
Posted by Montala 12 months ago
Following my earlier posting, and having had our line 'upgraded' to Infinity within the last 30 minutes, (at an initial speed check of 37.25 Mb/s) I decided to call BT and after a very short wait I found myself speaking to one of the Senior Managers on the Options team in Newcastle.
I explained my position to him, as I am (just!) within the 14 day period he made a note to the effect that if I contact them again in about 5 days time he guaranteed me that I will then be upgraded to the new higher speed at no additional cost... result!
Posted by adslmax 12 months ago
Press news from Openreach today: NGA012/16 GEA - FTTC - 18/2 Mbps SPECIAL OFFER
Posted by TheEulerID 12 months ago
That's interesting news. I've been forecasting for some time that we'll see reduced GEA-FTTC pricing to stimulate demand. OK, this is just a special offer for the slower option, but I can see it as the start of trimming the prices over time. The marginal cost of a new FTTC line is low once the cabinet is installed and it does enhance OR revenues, albeit modestly.
An 18mbps would be a huge improvement to those of slowish ADSL LLU lines.
Posted by mlmclaren 12 months ago
GOing back to comments at the beguinning about Infinity 2... IMO the selling point of that service is the higher upstream capabilty, ust like Plusnet's long gone 40/20.... however BT was smart about this by keeping the US at 10...

If it where 55/15 I could imagine alot of customer's dropping to to it.
Posted by dparr59 12 months ago

In its mission to supply the UK with faster broadband, BT has announced a new speed upgrade for Infinity fibre customers. New and existing entry-level subscribers can now enjoy up to 52Mbps, a 32 percent increase from their previous 38Mbps connection.
Posted by godsell4 12 months ago
So does it help to simplify or improve ANFP is every connection on an exchange/cabinet moved to VDSL and there was no ADSL?
Posted by dpowell2 12 months ago
The £12.50 a month price in the article is a mistake, it's £20 a month.
Posted by cloud1 12 months ago
For anyone that cares, I phoned BT about this.

As I had negotiated a good Infinity 1 price 2 weeks ago I wanted to know how I could keep the price & get the new speed.

They said I had 2 choices, 1 was clunky and 1 was simple.

If I wanted the new speed straight away, they would have to change me to the default price at first, wait for that to complete then get them to change it back to my previous price.

Or I could just wait until 23/5 when apparently every Infinity 1 user will auto get the new speed.

I chose to wait, I can't bear the thought of chasing BT to sort it the complicated way!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
The £12.50 price is correct, if you go direct to you will probably find the price you quote, but if you follow the link we give it should show £12.50/m + £17.99/m line rental for 12 months.
Posted by cloud1 11 months ago
Andrew, the link you gave doesn't work for me on Chrome, Edge or IE
Posted by michael_s_perry 11 months ago
We're on Infinity1 but paying much more than £12.50, more like £23 pm plus line rental. We get 39 Mbps down and about 7.5 up. Will we get the new speeds and at the new cheaper price? Can someone confirm that the existing users will defnitely be upgraded and that we will be charged £12.50 pm rather than what we are all paying currently, please?
Posted by lee111s 11 months ago
michael_s_perry Call customer options and find out.
Posted by chefbyte 11 months ago
Great I can get infinity from today and all the offer cards stop LOL
Posted by binary 11 months ago
That's unfortunate timing!

Perhaps BT are just going to 'go big' on this speed increase for a bit before starting to offer the gift cards again. Though quickly looking at the other major providers (e.g. Sky, TalkTalk), it doesn't seem like any of them are currently offering gift cards either. Maybe it's a start of the financial year type thing?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 11 months ago
@michael_s_perry So far I am treating the 'everyone being upgraded' as an Internet rumour, since not heard anything official.

On pricing introductory offers can sometimes be almost matched if willing to sign up for another 12 months.
Posted by binary 11 months ago
Andrew, whilst you're here (sort of!), is there any particular rhyme and reason as to when providers are more likely to offer generous sign-up offers? Is mid-April normally a bit of a fallow time for such things?

Just wondering what the various seasonal impetuses might be for these things. I guess the lead up and start of a new football season is particularly relevant to BT and Sky.

Perhaps a bit ludicrous that some of us have perhaps come to expect £100 or so gift cards for signing up to a service... that said, the providers have brought it on themselves!
Posted by chefbyte 11 months ago
I know its tough that I did not get a sweetener but hey, I have waited 15 years to get a decent speed after campaigning for all that time to get it put in, I am more than happy :)
Posted by PeterWilly 11 months ago
Can someone explain
"....the up to 52 Mbps will only be worth upgrading to, if you are already seeing the maximum connection speed from the existing service." (Which is 38 Mbps.)
I understand presently speed degrades with distance from the cabinet so consumers will get 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, etc as their distance increases.
But now it will be 52, 37, 36, 35, 34, etc as the distance increases.
Why does speed step change from 52 to 37?
Why will my 32 not increase in proportion to 44?
Posted by cloud1 11 months ago
You're getting 32mbit regardless of any artificial caps, not in proportion to
Posted by PeterWilly 11 months ago
cloud1, Yes But can you explain Why?
Posted by cloud1 11 months ago
The quality of your copper line
Posted by welsh_dragon 11 months ago
According to this BT page the upgrade is automatic for existing customers..
Posted by welsh_dragon 11 months ago
From BT web site.... And if you are an existing BT Infinity 1 or Unlimited BT Infinity 1 customer, BT has started upgrading lines that will support the higher speed, so you don’t have to do anything to enjoy the speed increase. BT will let you know when it’s done.
Posted by Bob_s2 11 months ago
Most people will not benefit from it.
Posted by herdwick 11 months ago
@Peterwilly think of it as a curve - maximum possible speed falls as distance from cabinet increases. On that curve is imposed artificial steps in product specification, if you were on the 38 max service at a point where 30 is the maximum then the 30 prevails if the artificial product step is lifted to 52. Approximately.

You can get what the line is capable of up to the product limit, lifting the product limit doesn't make the line more capable, in general.
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