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Free Samsung Galaxy Tab E gift on selected Virgin Media Big Bundles
Friday 26 February 2016 17:41:06 by Andrew Ferguson

Free tablets are back on offer at Virgin Media but only for new customers ordering online before the end of the 1st March 2016. The tablet on offer is a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" which has an RRP of £159 and an Amazon price of around £155.

The tablet offer is only available on the Big Kahuna and better bundles, which combine TV, up to 200 Mbps broadband and a telephone line with pricing starting at £27.50/month for 6 months (plus £17.99/month for the Virgin phone line) rising to a standard price of £55/month (plus £17.99 line rental) for the period of the 12 month contract. The Big Kahuna package with Movies adds £2/month to the offer price and an extra £4/month on the standard pricing.


Posted by aaaashy about 1 year ago
they have to offer something more, because if any new subscribers speak to their customers they will undoubtedly find that the advertised speeds are becoming a distant memory to those users like myself

my 150Mb/s was running at 5.71 last night, and has been like this for many months. i am still waiting for a valid reason/excuse
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