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12 month contracts appear on more Virgin Media services
Wednesday 03 February 2016 15:14:18 by Andrew Ferguson

The change from 18 month to 12 month contracts on the double and triple play Virgin Media bundles may tempt some more people to give the services a try and may reflect pressures for shorter contracts on broadband bundles. Along with the contract change the current offers have changed too, with six month long promotional offers on phone + broadband and the phone + broadband + TV bundles.

One downside is that the TV bundles have gained a £9.99 activation fee, and as before if your install needs an engineer to visit you will need to pay for that.

The thinkbroadband listing page now includes the voice line rental price in the monthly cost, making comparisons with the broadband only packages easier.


Posted by Swinder about 1 year ago
Are they going to inform customers about high utilisation issues before or after they sign up?
Posted by bartman007 about 1 year ago
They have to learn to spell it first Swinder :)
Posted by DigitalDen about 1 year ago
For over a year my 100Mbps drops to sometimes 4Mbps EVERY evening. Promises by Virgin to improve their service (I'm in Manchester suburb) have consistently been put back.
And yet they advertise their great high speed broadband, their CEO goes on BBC crowing about their wonderful Broadband etc etc.
Posted by leexgx about 1 year ago
i did have some issues the past week but seems to have stopped (like someone had plugged a microwave into the local network near me and turned it off at 11am)

virgin are nearly as bad as comcast when it comes to not adding more cards to the cab when the DOCSIS side is highly congested
Posted by leexgx about 1 year ago
was getting a solid 110ms pings (back down to 15ms now, unless p2p is running)
Posted by CarlThomas about 1 year ago
There are no cards in the cabs handling broadband.

Comcast are considerably better than Virgin going by the facts and figures.
Posted by tommylee about 1 year ago
Dont go here if you want consistent latency for gaming, 200ms is a good day between 4pm and midnight.
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