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New Plusnet Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband with reduced price for 18 months
Wednesday 27 January 2016 19:32:14 by Andrew Ferguson

Another provider has under gone the transformation of its package listings in our extensive list of providers to include the voice line rental where it is a requirement, and this time it is Plusnet where the launch of their next offer was the trigger to adopt the new ASA/Ofcom simpler to understand pricing model.

The new offer is based around the Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service and involves an 18 month contract and is only available if you also take voice line rental at £16.99 per month from Plusnet (a line rental saver option is available). In the Plusnet low cost areas the price of £1/m for the broadband applies, for around 5% of premises outside the low cost area the monthly broadband cost is £8.50 during the 18 month contract. Pricing once the 18 month offer ends is £9.99 and £17.49 respectively.

The Plusnet packages are a little more complex to list now, as they have options for buying broadband from them but the voice line rental being with any other WLR provider, so no inclusive price is possible.

Update 28th January Plusnet has changed its fibre based up to 38 Mbps broadband offer, with the first six months of broadband now free just pay the £16.99 line rental. After the six months on top of the £16.99 line rental the up to 38 Mbps download (up to 2 Mbps upload) broadband will cost £14.99 in low cost areas, or £22.49 elsewhere and is on an 18 month contract. This offer is set to end on 23rd February 2016.


Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
the page you linked to doesnt have the line rental inclusive.

It says from £1 month +£16.99 line rental.

So your article has me confused.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago

Trying to ensure we are ahead of the game as always, and reduce the confusion people experience over the cost of additions like voice line rental.
Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
Always right !
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
ahh so you mean the pricing listed on the tbb site.
Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
Nothing reduced about these prices for those of us on a market 1 exchange. FTTC contract free cheaper elsewhere.
Posted by mwarby2 about 1 year ago
38 Mbps download (up to 2 Mbps)

should be

38 Mbps download (upload up to 2 Mbps)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
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