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WarwickNet helps Northamptonshire business parks go faster
Wednesday 27 January 2016 19:03:28 by Andrew Ferguson

Business parks can often feel ignored, particularly those on the periphery of a town where traditional broadband solutions tend to run out of steam, partly because the density of premises can make the commercial case for superfast broadband harder.

So it is a nice surprise to see a County Council being congratulated by DCMS for how its encouraging private sector investment to improve broadband services on business parks, the council being Northamptonshire.

"It is great to see Northamptonshire County Council gaining national recognition for its enterprising approach to inward investment. Consequently, Northamptonshire is rapidly becoming one of our most connected counties in the UK and providing superfast broadband to these additional sites means that even more businesses can benefit from our services.

We’re offering all sites a range of business-grade broadband and high-capacity leased lines, along with voice and online backup capabilities and can provide tailored packages to suit every organisation.

Ben King, chief executive officer at WarwickNet

WarwickNet has over the last 18 months connected Corby Gate Business Park, Weldon North Industrial Estate, Willowbrook East Industrial Estate, Weldon South Industrial Estate and Corby Business Centre to its network. Kettering Venture Park and Telford Way Industrial Estate have also just recently gone live.

For business parks built before decent broadband became hyper-critical to the success or not of a business you can forgive developers not considering broadband, but hopefully the message has reached owners of existing and future business parks that good internet is more important than car parking spaces in 2016 and that the Internet needs will vary according to the type of business moving in.


Posted by New_Londoner about 1 year ago
I'm sure the tenants on the business parks will be thrilled that their locations were taken out of the county's broadband programme in order to have a provider with no ISP choice and rather higher prices!

There really ought to be a check that what is being offered meets some basic criteria before withdrawing an area from the rural programme.
Posted by TheYorkshireMan about 1 year ago
Knowing a few people who work in that area who have actually signed up with WarwickNet I know they are pretty happy their eternal wait for any sign of BT came to an end. The 'rural program' has little to no focus on converting industrial areas as clearly they don't see enough units there to see it as viable.
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
noever going to be viable but still could cause some problems from a state aid issued for them if it found that super connected vouchers have been used to fund the cabinets that you don't get any service provider choice on
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
think some of these parks were told It was FTTc (same as Openreach FTTC) where it is really SLU (monopoly and no choice ever
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
its against state rules to pool vouchers to fund new cabs as this not a service its infrastructure
Posted by WWWombat about 1 year ago
Does that mean some vouchers will need to be repaid?
Posted by iainbe66 about 1 year ago
Either fastman1 doesn't understand the Superconnected Cities voucher programme or he is making mischief. The vouchers are awarded to individual businesses, not to the local authority. Each award is within EU de minimis limits and therefore is not State aid. As independent actors in a free market, firms are free to pool the value of their vouchers toward any eligible service; so they can make a rational business choice to go with a provider which can offer a service at a monthly cost they find acceptable rather than to wait an indefinite time for a service that may or may not be made available.
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
iian v- vouchers can be used by busiess to fund connections to existing infrastructure -- vouchers cannot be pooled to a 3rd part who then builds a new network to connect them
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
in this case that network did not exist before the vouchers so the vouchers must have enabled he provider to fund the fibre cabinets and that is infrastructure and therefore not within the state aid guidance
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
you can buy a wireless connection or a Ethernet cct from a network point that exists but you can fibre a cab with vouchers as that fibre cab does not exist today
Posted by fastman about 1 year ago
comment should read you cannot
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