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The Man from BT visits Furness
Tuesday 23 July 2002 16:30:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The North West Evening Mail has manged to arrange for Malcolm Starke the Broadband Deployment and Strategy manager in BT to visit Ulverston/Furness in West Cumbria.

The meeting is a public one in the Coronation Hall on July 31st commencing at 5pm. The aim of the meeting is to show the level of demand for broadband in the area and present a list of over 300 people who have contacted the newspaper to support the campaign.

Other news on the demand tracker front is that people running campaigns are starting to see interest climb in their areas and one or two campaigns have managed to get data into the system via ISPs. The system for bulk entry is still far from perfect and appears to be a manual once a week process.

For more information on registration see our Q&A which is kept up to date with a list of all the campaigns and participating ISPs that we are aware of.


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