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BT Infinity now available from £7.50 per month
Wednesday 06 January 2016 11:36:56 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail has rejigged its broadband offers again and while the high value £75 and £125 prepaid MasterCard offer has been replaced by £50 and £100 value cards; the reduction in value is offset by price reductions which are available for those ordering online until the end of 14th January 2016.

The full range of BT Retail broadband products is in our listing section and of course there is the voice line rental to add to the price of the fixed line broadband services, which is £17.99 per month (you can reduce this slightly by opting to pay voice line rental on an annual basis).

The main highlights are that unlimited ADSL2+ is now available for £5/month for the period of the 12 month contract, you can add BT TV Starter for free if you want a basic YouView pause and rewind set-top box.

The cheapest Infinity service (FTTC or FTTH) is Infinity 1 Plus with weekend calls at £7.50 per month, with a 40GB usage allowance, you can elect for unlimited usage for just £2.50 extra per month. The price reductions trickle through to the TV packages, so that the Ultra HD BT Total Entertainment package with Unlimited BT Infinity 1 is £23/month.


Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
Certainly nothing cheap about £5 ADSL2+ when coupled with £17.99 line rental, sky high call and call connection charges, call features, second rate customer services and a long contract - All of which is aimed at forcing users to pay for the unlimited call package on top. Nothing good about it, but folks will rake in commission for singing its praises.
Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago

Care to suggest a better alternative? We all know that line rental subsidises broadband, but a combined £23 is hard to beat. Also the contract length is a standard 12 month term.
Posted by John_Gray about 1 year ago
"this is offset by price reductions which are set to run until 14th January 2016."
Typo? Or price reductions for another ten days?
Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
@Krs69 What about calls and the fact that BT now charge for 1471 and 1571. It certainly does not end at £23, unless you make and receive no calls whatsoever, then you would be charged for caller display also.
Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
Cont... If you look at Uno (Unlimited ADSL2+ and line) £23.11p or Pulse8 (£25.00 for unlimited ADSL2+), you will find no contract tie-in, even for FTTC with Pulse8 (Now that IS hard to beat), calls at 1p per minute with no call connection charge and per second billing so no need for a call package.
Posted by professor973 about 1 year ago
Cont... depending which you choose, you will find unlimited email addresses, free hosting and space for one site. Of course there is also the bonus of better customer service all for less than BT. There are others offering a service for peanuts, but don't be surprised if you end up with monkeys!
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 year ago

BT do not charge for using 1471 unless you press '3' to make a call back.
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
Still waiting for andrew to add the line rental to the headline price on these monthly rejig articles.
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