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BT TV Total Entertainment now has Netflix in 4K
Monday 21 December 2015 11:55:24 by Andrew Ferguson

BT has just announced that it is the first TV service in the UK to have support for 4K Netflix streaming, to enjoy 4K streaming you will of course need the 4K YouView box that comes with the BT TV Total Entertainment service.

Adding 4K Netflix builds on the existing BT Sports UHD channel and while we expect the majority on a BT TV service to subscribe to an unlimited broadband service, for those whose usage will stay under 40GB per month there are savings to be had particularly as streamed Netflix content via the YouView set-top box does not count to the monthly usage allowance and a single 4K film can weigh in at 16GB of data.

Of course 4K Netflix is not restricted to BT TV, you can watch it on a number of compatible smart 4K TV's or use set-top boxes like the Nvidia Shield, Roku 4 or Amazon Fire TV, of which the Fire TV is the cheapest at £79.99. The set-top boxes need to be paired with a suitable UHD TV, i.e. supports HDCP 2.2 to see the resolution improvement of course.


Posted by Kr1s69 about 1 year ago
I'm not sure this adds a lot given that almost all 4K TVs already offer Netflix.
Posted by silverdove about 1 year ago
Not a lot of use with my 1.5 mb download speed - why don't they spend the money and give everyone a decent BB speed.
Posted by Kebabselector about 1 year ago
@silverdove that'll be because they are responsible to shareholders and not actually a service.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
@silverdove and @kebabselector : actually it's because this is a different company. BT Retail (who are providing this TV service) are not responsible for connection it runs over.
Posted by gsituffers1 about 1 year ago
as per other comments you have to take into consideration that bt retail sells bt tv on top of being a bt phone and bb customer first so i agree with silverdove they need to stop selling high spec tv services and capped bb if they dont want bad press from poor bb speeds and facilities
Posted by GMAN99 about 1 year ago
As Andrue says retail can't do anything about improving people's broadband speeds or tackle not spots that is bt openreach

So no...
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
The availability of these services creates demand. If the demand is high enough BTr (and other CPs) will pressurise openreach to improve their network. For openreach it's easier to get funding if you can point to existing demand. Not many people are keen to spend billions of pounds before they know what it's going to be used for.
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 year ago
I am not sure if the extra £1.50 that Netflix charges for UHD is worth the money even if I had a UHDTV. Saying that I am still paying £5.99 for the HD version until the 9th of May
Posted by jroadley about 1 year ago
It would be nice to get DD5.1 out of Netflix/YouView let alone 4k
Posted by Kebabselector about 1 year ago
Silly me, I forgot BTr and BTO are two completely separate entities.
Posted by QUANGO1948 about 1 year ago
It would be great if you could get Superfast Broadband, I have been for months pestering BT, Superfast Wales & Openreach with no joy, last I heard I would not receive it for about 12 months approx, only because my BT cable goes direct to the Town telephone exchange, not via a green street box. Quango1948
Posted by ahockings about 1 year ago
I just had a really great idea that no one else has it seems.
Before launching a product that needs at least 25 meg, why not firstly upgrade everyone to speeds way above this, say, 100 meg (bit of headroom then for the future).
You know, "the future" that thing that's now only 2-3 years away when it used to be 20. Remember??
I've got 1.7 meg. I don't even know what HD streaming is..... in 2016???
I hope the future crushes BT...
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