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EE recalling all its Power Bar chargers
Wednesday 16 December 2015 15:52:19 by Andrew Ferguson

So Santa's sack just got a lot lighter in the last few days as battery and charging concerns over hoverboards peaked and while it is unlikely Santa would be using an EE Power Bar, EE are recalling every power bar they have issued as a precaution.

The advise is to stop using any that you have straight away and return it to an EE store, eligible EE customers will be given a £20 voucher that is valid on the EE Store as compensation. The EE store does have alternative USB chargers available for under £20.

The recall follows a previous individual batch that had problems and it appears that EE has decided the risk of fires from the small USB chargers is too great and thus wants to cut the risk to an absolute minimum.


Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Better safe than sued.. Sensible.
Posted by binary about 1 year ago
Not sure the Power Bar promotion was ever completely thought through.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
No but it was a good way to show they care about their customers.
Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz about 1 year ago
Did they get them manufactured in Syria?
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