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UFO watch finds its first Sky connection in York
Thursday 05 November 2015 19:14:33 by Andrew Ferguson

The CityFibre, Sky and TalkTalk joint venture has been underway for a while now and while still only open to trial users we have now seen our first speedtest.

Broadband Speed Test result CityFibre FTTH connection in York
Sky Ultrafast broadband speed test York CityFibre trial(large image)

While the service is Gigabit based people may think the result above is slow, but the device used for the test was an iPhone 6 so the speed limitations of Wi-Fi are a big factor but still its more than double the speeds possible over VDSL2 currently.

The postcode where the test was carried out appears to have Virgin Media cable services available to it, but no Openreach superfast services. Some people have been worried the router used by Sky would not be up to the task after the relatively poor Wi-Fi offerings from the Sky Hub but the speed test featured while not perfect shows what is possible and we look forward to the first tests over Gigabit Ethernet.


Posted by lockyatlrg 12 months ago
I'm using on the sky 1GBS trial and getting 947mbs down and up on speedtests.
Posted by generallee94 12 months ago
any chance you could run one whilst logged in a share a link
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
Part of York CityFibre trial area or one of the other test areas?
Posted by lockyatlrg 12 months ago
Other test area.
Posted by generallee94 12 months ago
No then??
Posted by lockyatlrg 12 months ago here is one from
Posted by generallee94 12 months ago
cheers, any reason why not TBB?
Posted by lockyatlrg 12 months ago
The TBB speedtest is very inconsistent.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
Not sure what is inconsistent with that test.

The tbbx1 behaviour is invisible on many other testers as they don't run a test like that.

Posted by generallee94 12 months ago
@lockyatirg - no inconsistency there just showing up that a single stream can't handle 1Gbps, which is fair considering the huge 1Gbps...

It seems to be a trend thats going to form as faster and faster products comes out due to the limitations of single streams and most things being multiple streams now anyway... and the idea of a Gigabit service isn't to serve one service, its to share between many devices so 4 devices getting 250Mbps each is a very fair share IMO.

Anyway, it looks quite good, hope you'll keep us in the look with any developments, may I ask where about your located?
Posted by CaptainW 12 months ago
@andrew and @lockyatlrg

What is this other 'Sky service' out of interest :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 12 months ago
Sky has in its time ran a handful of Gigabit FTTH trials to explore the costs and viability of deployment using products like Openreach PIA or their own poles and ducting.
Posted by leexgx 12 months ago

seems good single streams can never max out very fast connections like virgin or FTTH installs when using ethernet connection, the Multi Stream will tend to show your peak speeds

wifi will tend to be around 35-55mb/s, unless you made sure your phones support the technology of your router and is using it

the way the test shows is very good
Posted by leexgx 12 months ago
problem i have at the moment is my Tomato linksys e3200 can only do 120-130mb/s so i will not do speed tests as my 166mb virgin connection will only show 120/11mb peak as the CPU is not fast enough in the E3200 and cant use hardware mode for WAN to LAN transfers

was looking at using a NUC but i can buy a Netgear R7000 or R8000 cheaper than a NUC computer, just can't put myself down to spending £120 on a router again at the moment to get Full QOS and bandwidth management (if i turn on bandwidth or QOS on me E3200 speed drops to 80mb/s)
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