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EE reduces price of fibre based broadband for full minimum term
Wednesday 28 October 2015 10:22:05 by Andrew Ferguson

EE has rejigged its up to 38 Mbps fibre broadband offer and increased the £9.95 reduced price period from 6 months to 18 months which lines up with the contract period. The existing half price fibre connection offer at £25 which works as a bill credit still applies.

One aspect that we believe is unique to EE is the £100 to switch incentive, where customers joining EE from another calls and broadband service and who are still in contract with their provider will receive a bill credit to the sum of the amount the old provider (maximum £100) is charging for you to leave your contract early.

As normal there is voice line rental to pay to EE and they charge £16.40 per month (this does include free weekend calls to UK landlines), with a line rental saver option where you pay £165 as an annual lump sum to reduce the line rental to the equivalent of £13.75 per month.


Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Is this half price connection offer online only? I recently went with a friend who ordered it in store and despite being with plusnet already for FTTC they were told £50 connection fee and up to £100 switch fee. They never said anything about a £25 credit. This would make sense as that's what others charge (even Zen)
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Even online it's confusing as hell. I run my number through I get told £19.95 a month and also £16.40 for line rental. This is an an existing contract mobile customer. There is no mention of £9,95 anywhere only the 18 month contract. But they are offering free connection. This is directly from the link that you have provided.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
How can it say one thing on the front of the website and then when you go through and check availability it says something else?

It does not offer this to me , is this still on the market A B and C system?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Not sure why you are not seeing the offer a test order showed the offer available up to the same stage as you have shown.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
I put in my landline and postcode and that's what I got. I did also tick that I am an existing customer maybe that's it?

I'll try again tonight. I wouldn't mind this as a backup.
Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
I just checked and it seems to be working fine :)
Posted by mitchja about 1 year ago
Be careful with that online EE checker with your landline number as the small print says 'Please only enter your landline if you are happy to receive a calls from us about EE broadband and other EE products and services'
Posted by generallee94 about 1 year ago
Not sure if I have 1571 active on my line... :P
Posted by Michael_Chare about 1 year ago
They wanted £24.95 pm for an ADSL service in a non LLU area. The Post Office want £5 pm for a comparable service.
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Well I am still getting the £19.95 so I don't know why. I was not aware market areas still existed with fibre at a rural exchange
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