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Broadband improvements starting in Telford and Wrekin
Monday 26 October 2015 14:58:52 by Andrew Ferguson

Telford and Wrekin is an area that was considered fairly well served by superfast broadband when the original BDUK projects were being planned but very few things stand still and the pressure grew to the extent that the local authority signed a contract with BT to improve coverage across the area, and is set to deliver fibre based broadband to another 9,300 premises.

Availability of Superfast Broadband in Telford and Wrekin - Oct 15
(click to view larger version)
Superfast Broadband Coverage Telford and Wrekin - Oct 15 (large image)

The flat lines in the above chart show that once the commercial roll-outs reached the end that things have pretty much stagnated in the area, and if the extra 9,300 premises is delivered as contracted there is no reason to doubt that 100% fibre based coverage with 98% at superfast speeds will not be possible.

The first areas to benefit are expected to be live over the next few months and already roadworks are starting to prepare for the roll-out (for example duct de-silting is set to take place on 28th to 30 October at the junction of Southall Road and Old Vicarage Road in Dawley).

People can keep an eye on how the coverage is improving using our availability checker which will also track any additional coverage that appears via the Virgin Media Project Lightning. The target is to raise superfast broadband coverage from the current 87.4% to 98%, and in doing so this will impact on the slow speed end for broadband coverage where 0.4% are under 2 Mbps, 4.4% under 5 Mbps and 8.9% under 15 Mbps.

Broadband Speed Test Results in Telford and Wrekin using FTTC
(click to view larger version)

The arrival of commercial FTTC in Q1 2012 can be seen on our checker where we have just added ADSL and FTTC speed filters so people can get a better idea of what is being delivered rather than just the PR figures.


Posted by bartman007 about 1 year ago
£2 million into the super-fast broadband, 20% cuts in our services, well done Telford and Wrekin Council, nice to see you are spending our council tax on the right things, nothing changes, does it!
Posted by ZenUser27 about 1 year ago
Same everywhere mate. Cut the police, cut the bin collections etc, up the council tax.
Posted by Blackmamba about 1 year ago
Hi Broadband Watchers.
Good to see that the figure of 8.9% result at 15 meg has been shown.
Posted by adslmax about 1 year ago
Telford need FTTP
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